Help Me, That's All I Ask *One Direction Not Famous*

Susie's mother is gone. Her father is an alcoholic.
Each night she sleeps in a bed of her own tears. "But," she tells herself each time, "It's better to lie in your own tears than somebody else's..."


1. Chapter 1

 He walks along the hall, his heavy footsteps making me jump. I'm in the corner. I hope he won't come in.

 "Please," I whisper, "Please don't come in."

 "Susie!?" he calls, "Where are you?" His voice is gentle. "Susie, get out here now!" His voice isn't so gentle anymore.

 I stand up, tears springing to my large green eyes at the pain. I walk towards the door and open it. He's standing outside it. "Yes, daddy?" I mutter.

 "Get me drink," he says, "I want Vodka, Whiskey and beer." I pick up my school bag, empty the books and sling it over my shoulder. I pull my long brown hair into a high ponytail as I walk. I wipe the mascara from under my eyes.

 My dad, Adam, makes me get drink. I'm not old enough to buy it so I have to steal it. He's too fat to run fast enough and far enough if he gets caught. I walk into Supervalue.

 An old woman smiles at me as I pick up her purse and give it back to her. I walk to the alcohol aisle. There's nobody there. I pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels and shove it in my bag. A man walks down the aisle. I walk in the other direction, pretending to look confused.

 Five minutes later he goes to the checkout. I walk down the aisle again and grab the Vodka and beer before walking to the sweet counter. I buy a packet of Doritos so I'm not walking in and out. If I did that every night, they'd know.

 I open the front door. The whole house smells of alcohol and smoke. I cough. Adam hasn't gotten me inhalers after Mam got taken away six months ago. He hears me and comes downstairs. He smiles and takes my bag. Adam takes the drinks and goes to walk upstairs again.

 "What's that in your hand?" he asks.

 "Erm... Nothing..?" I try.

 He grabs me roughly. "Give it to me," he growls. I hand it to him. "You lying little bitch," he says, hitting me. I fall to the floor. "What have I told you about lying to me!?" He kicks me in the stomach and I curl up. He grabs me by my collar and pulls me to my feet. I'm still trying to get my breath back. He hits me while holding me up. He hits me one last time and drops me. I cough, spitting blood out of my mouth.

 This is my life. It's like this pretty much every day.

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