The Sing Off

My names carly corbit. I was chosen from millions of people with amazing voices! I am one if the lucky 12. The pannelsnof judjes include Austin Mahone, Demi lovato, Selena gomez, and Louis tomlinson. Come with me, on my life journey threw love, hate, rivelry, and mistakes.


4. top 12 party

Tonight, the judges were throwing a party for the luck 12 who made it. I got dressed in a Short tight fitting Zebra dress with Pink Pumps. My hair was in a side ponytail that rested on my shoulder with curls at the end. I drove to the party. We rented out a club for the night. When I got inside I was mesmerized. The colorful lights were overwhelming. I took a look around while I walked in a bit more. Austin Mahone looked my way. He walked to me. He was wearing a Black tanktop with jeans and nike high tops. “You look amazing tonight” he said. “… Thanks..” I said. Well this is awkward. “well im going to get a drink” I said walking away. I ordered some wine. Louis came over and sat next to me. “Not dancing” Louis said questionably. “I am soon. I just had to escape from Austin. He keeps flirting with me” I explained. “And that’s a bad thing” he questioned. “Im not interested” I said. “Well I can see why he's all over you. You look beautiful tonight” he said honestly. “Thanks” I replied. “Dance with me” he asked. “sure” I agreed. He grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. Live while were young came on. We started dancing just having fun. The rest of his band members came over. “Oh hey lads! Lads this is Carly, Carly this is Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn.” He introduced us. “Nice to meet you: I said smiling at them. Harry was checking me out. I started feeling unconftable. “Dance with me” Harry asked me. “No thanks curly” I said walking away. I giggled seeing the shock on his face. I ordered another drink. Soon I started feeling a bit tipsy. “Hey” Zayn said walking up to me. “Hey” I replied. He seemed a bit drunk too. “Dance with me love” he said. “mkay” I agreed without thinking. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the dance floor. One more night by mahron5 came on. I started grinding aginsed Zayn. He but his hands on my hips encouraging me. After that song I stopped. He turned me around. I bit my lip. He led me back onto a wall. He started leaning in. I put my index finger on his lips. I laughed pulling away. I called a taxi to pick me up and take me to the hotel as soon as I got there I plopped on my bed. We get our first topic tomorrow, we have 5 days to pick a song and perfect it before the live show. Boy was I nervous but the alcohol calmed my nerves somewhat. I drifted to sleep thinking about it.

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