Catwoman is Back

Sabrina Kyle is the 16 year old great-niece of Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman. One day, when she is abducted and experimented on. She is injected with the DNA of a cat. Sabrina is now an actual cat woman. When she is black mailed to steal priceless artifacts, what will she do? And will she find out who Batman is? Set in the same time as Batman Beyond, there will be some interesting things happening. Especially, when Sabrina has to steal from Bruce Wayne.


9. Chapter 9

Terry and I got closer and closer together. Bruce even let Catwoman come back. Batman had a new partner.

Bruce and Selina got closer and closer, too. They started to stay up talking. I wasn't surprised when they decided to get married.

I did clean the house and worked as Bruce's new butler. The Manor was clean and shining. Powers didn't do anything to me and couldn't.

It was fun to go out at nights, but it did cut into personal life, which I didn't have much of. Since Terry and I started spending so much time together, Diana thought she was being cheated on. She dumped Terry that month.

Diana had stopped talking to me after BT destroyed her house. Max and I became good friends as she knew Terry's and Bruce's secrets. She soon learned about mine soon after.

Terry and I started dating this month. We are now currently like Bruce an Selina were, only teens. Max helps with our investigations. I still use Selina's old Catwoman suit and the cats help with recon. It's all great fun.

School is going great and I'm more at home there than ever before. I just hope that never have to worry about Powers again. I probably will, until we can prove that he did something bad. We watch out for him and look out for his crimes. We'll get him.

Until then, you can find me racing ahead of Batman and rushing towards trouble. I'm heading to the future will my eyes set forward and head held high. I'd hate to be BT when we meet again.

Until next time, Catwoman.



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