You are katniss' cousin. The hunger games still continue. Katniss turned on everyone. she took over the huge games. now people 15-21 go up. 5 boys and 5 girls come out alive. Will you survive the hunger games?


4. only the begginging

Your p.o.v
Liam slowly walked to the stage once he got on he grabbed my hand. I needed him, and he needed me. Violet pushed us into the train to leave. Also, whats new about the games, is we get a shot, it gives us a power, we dont know it intill the announce it. 2 ladies came out dressed inlong blue hodded robes. They gave us a shot, then walked back out. The door opened once again and in rused the rest of the tributes. I saw Zayn first, I let go of Liam's hand and rushed over to Zayn. I gave Zayn a bear hug! Then My brother came over. I hugged him very tight. He rubbed my back then kissed my forehead. His eyes were res. He had probubly been crying. Next, I saw curly hair. I knew that hair anywhere! It was Harry. He ran to me. He picked me up and spun me around. Then i saw blondie
He turned around and hugged me. All of uf walked to a corrner out of the middle of the room. 
You: Ok guys, This is Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam.
I pointed to them when i said there name. They shook hands. I saw a friendship form. Allergra, the game maker came out of no where. 
A: Welcome! I am going to tell everyone there powers. Blair: Speed. Bridgit: Ice. Haryper: Wind Keeley: Night Vision. Nina: Force Mara: summon of minions Phoenix: flying. skyler: Plant control Ruth: sleepless Leslie: Archery Tori: extreme smell Zora: Extream hearing Lastly for girls, ___: Fire.
I jumped. I am so exited!
A: boys Blaze: water Gabriel: Strech reese: shapeshifter Gabe: freeze tim Rory: Weather Henry: Hipnotizum Chuckie: Mood changerr Manny: farts or burps nocks you out momentarly. Now theese 5 boys have been chosen at random for a Special Gift. Louis: Mind reader Zayn: Snap fainges and weapon comes back. Liam strength the most special Niall: Healer BUT, we have a suprize for Mr.Styles, He has N power at all.
Everyone gasped. Allegra left the room. us 6 huddled togeather. 
You: Ok louis, Niall, Harry Zayn Pick a girl for a pact, we have GOT to win this thing. 
Liam: Hw come i dont get to pick?
You: You have me
I winked and he blushed majorly. I giggled. 
Zayn: I want Blair!
Harry: Dibs on Skyler!
Niall: Keeley!
Lous: Um phonix.
I went over and got all the girls, i brought them t the huddle with everyone else.
You: ok here is the dealeo, us 10 wil be a team. we will get out alive. IF we team up, we CANNOT turn aginsed eachother deal?
Phoenix: I dont know, Its risky.
Louis put his arm around her shoulders.
Louis: Please love?
She blushed.
Phoenix: Im in
Blair: I am too.
Zayn gave her a warm smile.
Skyler: No.
Harry: plz love for me?
He smiled his cheecky smile, that always makes you melt.
Skyler: Fine.
Kelley: eh, Why not?
You: well, we have our ally! With all our powers we will be unstopabble. 
Liam slipped his hand into mine, But not in a romantic way. we always hold hands just as friends, even though ill admit, i do have bit of feelings for him. But i dont want to ruin our frindship. Louis Looked down at out hands, he looked at me confused.
Liam: Be right back i have to use the loo!
He let go of my hand and left.
Louis: You and Liam?
You: Just friends.
Louis: sure!
I rolled my eyes. Liam then came back.
???: It is now time for training!

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