You are katniss' cousin. The hunger games still continue. Katniss turned on everyone. she took over the huge games. now people 15-21 go up. 5 boys and 5 girls come out alive. Will you survive the hunger games?


3. fear

Liam: Well lets watch the rest of their compatition. You: *sigh* ok. PROFILES DISTRICTS 7-10
Girl district 7: Blair henkle: Long dirty blond hair blue eyes Boy district 7: Rory Lincon: Short pitch black hair grey eyes. Girl diststrics 8: Mara Higs: Fire red wavy hair brown eyes. boy district 8: Gabe dunkin: Long black hair brown eyes. Girl district 9: Leslie Brown: Brown hair green eyes glasses. Boy district 9: Reese smith: blond short hair green eyes. Girl district 10: Skyler Wirth: traight black hair blue eyes. Gabriel song: Brown long hair blue eyes. END OF PROFILES
you Liam will you promise me something? Liam; sure what love? you: no matter what happends that we will always be close, and if we get picked we will stay togeather. Liam: Of course! i never drempt it any other way. You: I need to call my food boy! CONVO:
Niall: Hello> you: Niall! Niall: hey ___! you: good luck. Niall: Thanks you too! You: Thanks! I miss you! Niall: I miss you too. You: I miss you more! Niall: not possible! But i have to go. You: Ok bye! END OF CONVO.
you: Lili turn the tv on before we gotta lever! Liam: Ok! 
He turned it on. Violet was at the ladies bowl name. she picked one and walked back to the microphone. Violet: Lily Wein! A girl with brown hair and green eyes stepped foward. Violet: Now Boys! she walked over to the boys bowl and picked out a name. Violet: Niall Horan. You: NO! food boy! Liam: Its ok ___. You: ok, lets just go to our to get it over with. We walked to central squre. We got our picture taken. We walked in. I held Liam's hand. it calmed me down a bit. I dont want to loose him. neither do i want to be in the games. Violet walked apon stage, this time she was dressed in a purple wig, and a pink jump suit. Violet: Happy hunger games! and may the ods be eva in your favor! Ladies first! My heart raced. She picked a name on the left and in the middle. she walked back to the microphone. Violet:___ ___. Everyone turned to me. I squeased Liams hand one last time then let go. I kissed his cheek. I walked very slowly to stage. All eyes were on me. Violet placed me on the right side of the microphone. Violet: Now boys! Please, dont pick MY Lili. I want him safe at home. Violet picked a name then walked back. Violet: Liam Payne. I could see the fear in his eyes.

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