Dancing In Heaven (1D FANFICTION) Amelia Brown

Copyright Amelia Brown* Amelia is no ordinary girl. She struggles when kidnapped and wakes up in a strange assemblage. She befriends a girl in the same position she is, and they begin solving where they are. Along the way, Amelia finds someone she thought forgot about her.


5. Broken, torn, scarred Chapter 5

Nicole's P.O.V. As soon as I saw what the glass showed, I wrapped Amelia in a huge hug. She started crying, but her makeup stayed fresh. Funny how that works. Niall was on the screen, holding hands and kissing another girl. Except he didn't look happy. Whenever the girl talked to him, he answered simply, like a shrug or yes, or no. Amelia wished for something that I couldn't quite understand, but then I figured out what she wanted. To read Niall's mind. The perks of being an angel/ghost. Words flashed onto the screen, after she read them Amelia smiled. Niall was definitely thinking.

I miss Amelia. I hate Cher. Shut up already! I don't like you Cher, bitch. Amelia, I love you, why can't you come back? I wish you could hear me now. Management sucks. I've died to, I can't believe we never had the baby. I'm killing whoever killed you.

Niall was so mad. If only he knew Amelia was write there. He's going crazy. Cher Lloyd, fuck her. Dating Niall when Amelia dies. I guess management put them together, assholes! And I never knew Amelia was pregnant...

Amelia's P.O.V. I tapped the screen, writing frantically. Niall! I'm an angel, I love you. I know that you are with Cher even though you don't want to be! I wanted the baby so bad, I love you Niall! We watch intently at the screen, waiting for the words to appear. And they did, write on a café board. Niall stared, then cried. He started yelling "I love you Amelia!" Then Cher kissed him, so hard he couldn't step away. I wrote, FUCK YOU CHER! YOUR A WHORE AND A SLUT! LOVE, AMELIA HORAN!


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