Dancing In Heaven (1D FANFICTION) Amelia Brown

Copyright Amelia Brown* Amelia is no ordinary girl. She struggles when kidnapped and wakes up in a strange assemblage. She befriends a girl in the same position she is, and they begin solving where they are. Along the way, Amelia finds someone she thought forgot about her.


4. Be careful what you wish for Chapter 4

Nicole's P.O.V. I already knew what I was going to wish for, a dirt bike. I've always wanted one of those, but my dad didn't get paid much so we could never afford anything nice. That's why I'm not used to looking fancy like this, I used to dress up with my mom until... never mind. After I wish for the dirt bike I'll wish for some sporty clothes, instead of this girly dress. I think Amelia is the exact opposite of me. She will ask for more dresses and makeup, and something to do with Niall. Speaking of One Direction, I secretly have a HUGE crush on Harold Edward Styles, but nobody knows and I plan to keep it that way.

Amelia's P.O.V. Hey, Nicole? Earth to Nicole," I question. "Err, what?" " Is it just me, or is it that Ms.Laken lady again?" I ask. "How would I know?" Nicole wonders, frustrated. "Jeez, just asking." I shut my mouth because, like I said, the lady appeared out of no where. It's really starting to freak me out. ''Hello again, girls. Amelia, dear. I have read the ghostly record, that's our newspaper, and you are on the front page, holding hands with, a blonde boy?" Ms.Laken asks, suspicious. "That's my boyfriend, or was until I died. His name is Niall James Horan, he's very famous. He's in a band called One Direction." I explain. "Oh, I see. How long were you guys together?" " 3 years." I say, proudly, then I remember I'm dead. "Well, I'm here to give you something. She gives me a rectangular piece of glass, and I give her a strange look. "This, here is something I call the Real World. You speak a name into the upper left corner of this glass and it shows what the person is doing. You can tap the glass tomake something catch their attention, like tracing your finger on the glass and writing something. For an example, for Niall say I love and miss you. It can appear in his house, wherever he is. If he's smart enough, he will figure it out. Bye for now!" I stare at the glass screen, then without thinking say Niall James Horan. I saw the unexpected, he's forgotten me already.


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