Protect Me.

Jason McCann: heartless bomber out for revenge. Boelle Stokes: the only daughter of officer Nick Stokes. When their two paths cross, sparks fly and trouble arises.


3. "McCann... Jason McCann."

Jason's P.O.V


She asked me for my name! What do I do?? She seems really cool, especially the way she smiles... Actually, now that I think about it, she's beautiful. Her long, naturally wavy, golden-brown hair that falls perfectly over her shoulders. Her hazel-brown eyes that look like nature.


Wow, listen to me! I sound girly! EW! Anyways, what should I do? Should I tell her?... She might hate me after I tell her. She looks familiar, too... Bo. The name is so precious. So small and simple. I really like it... I wonder if she'll like mine...


"Jason." I answer.


Holy crap, I just told her my actual name! I'm doomed... Here it comes...


"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Jason! Have a great day!" She said, smiling widely and walking away.


Wait- she smiled. She didn't freak... Well, dur! They only freak when I tell people my full name! I'm just a regular boy named Jason, to her. Why is it that I'm not okay with this? I should be laying low, still! I can't have anyone know that it's me... Well, except for the boys back home... But they don't count!


I feel myself turning her direction. Don't do it... Don't do it... "Hey, wait!" I jogged after her. Well, great. I did it.


She spun around, her face confused. "Yes?"


"Bo, you seem like a really cool and nice girl... I'm sort of new around here, and I don't know a good place to get food. I was... I was wondering..." I trailed off, unable to ask her the question.


"You were wondering..." she pushed on.


I chuckled at my stupidity, and finally spit it out. "I was wondering if you'd show me a great place to eat, and eat there... With me?"


Her smile grew, and she nodded her head. "I'd love to! It's not every day that there's a new boy- PERSON wanting to be shown around!"


I chuckled once more. Wow, she's great. "Okay, but... What about your friend?"


She turned around, and saw her friend chatting with a boy wearing a snapback and basketball shorts. "Eh. She's with her boyfriend, anywho."


Oh... Her boyfriend... Got it. "Well, I have a car, you wanna go now?"




Bo's P.O.V


Okay, I know what you're thinking. STRANGER DANGER! My dad even taught me better than this, too! But... I don't know what's coming over me. Something about him just makes me want to be with him. Like, he has this edge to him. Like he's mysterious, yet misunderstood. It's like I'm being pulled toward him and cant turn away.


I hopped into his Range Rover, and we took off down the road. The feeling of danger more and more dominant the further I'm away from Allie. But, here's the thing, I like the feeling! It's so weird!


"So, where to?" he asked, smiling over at me. A portion of his face is still being covered by his dark sunglasses.


"Hm... Oh! I know! There's this great place on the corner of Britton, and Alabama. Just down the road from here. Keep to the left, and you'll see the sign." I smiled to myself. I love this restaurant! My mom and I used to come to it all the time. It's called 'The Sleepy Dragon'.


We drove and chatted for a bit, and we finally came to the intersection of Britton and Alabama. There, right in front of us, was the large sign reading, "THE SLEEPY DRAGON".


"The Sleepy Dragon?" Jason asked.


"Mhmm!" I replied. "Don't let the name fool you! The food is great, and the staff is really nice."


"Oh, alright! Let go in!"


*After Lunch*


"Wow, that was great!" Jason exclaimed, rubbing his tummy and clicking his seat belt. "But, since you showed me that great place, I'll show you a really awesome one!"


That line brought shivers down my spine. What? Where? Where is he going to take me?


Oh, shut up. You like the danger.


Call your dad!


Stay with Jason. Who knows, it could be really cool.


I sighed, and followed the instruction of my less goody-two-shoes voice in my head. Lets see where he's taking me.


We kept driving for a while, and we chatted. I told him about Bernard, and he kept smiling. He said that he always wanted a Saint Bernard, but one dog is enough, plus he wants to keep all of his attention on his dog, Dusty. The way he talks about his dog really provides a balance of danger and pure niceness.


"...And here we are!" he smiled genuinely at me, and turned off his car. I got out, and looked around me. We were at a cliff. There were trees everywhere, and a small trail in front of us. The trail led to the edge of the cliff. "Come on, the view is perfect."


I smiled at Jason and walked with him down the trail to the edge. Jason lowered himself down on the ground, and swung his legs over the edge. I thought he was just going to sit there, but he ended up sliding off gracefully.


This, however, scared the crap out of me. "Holy crap! Jason?!" I exclaimed.


"Relax! Look." I heard his voice. I crouched down by the edge and found him standing on a little platform about four feet below the edge. He held his arms up signaling, 'I'll catch you.' For some reason I decided to do it.


I closed my eyes and jumped. His arms wrapped around me protectively, and I noticed that I couldn't open my eyes. I'm quite afraid of heights. "Hey, it's alright. You're safe."


"H-heights... Not fond of them." I stuttered.


"It's okay, I got you. I'll protect you."


I opened my eyes and were instantly met with his sunglasses. I tilted my head to side.


"What?" he asked, chuckling.


"Why are you wearing your sunglasses still? It's sunset."


His smile dropped, and he put me down on the ground in front of him. "I... Uh... I really like these sunglasses..."


"And I like waffles, but I don't eat them for every meal." I giggled as he chuckled.


He sighed and looked down. "The truth is that I don't know how you're going to react when I take the glasses off. People don't really like me very well."


"Well, I like you. Please take off the glasses?" I asked sincerely.


He sighed louder and nodded his head. I watched as his hand reached up to the rim of his glasses and slowly pulled them off. His eyes were closed, but when the glasses were completely off his face, his eyes opened. They were the most beautiful chocolate brown that I've ever seen.


"Well?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.


I giggled. "What am I supposed to say?"


Jason's P.O.V


I was waiting for her to freak out or gasp or anything, but she didn't. Instead of answering her question, 'what am I supposed to say?' I simply asked another question. A question that I was burning to ask her all day now.


"...Who are you?" I asked, a small smile playing on my lips.


"The name's Stokes, Bo Stokes," my heart froze. STOKES?


My mind started racing. I knew she looked familiar... Nick... Nick Stokes... Bo... Bo Stokes... He can't have a daughter, can he? He didn't when I went after him before! Now that I think of it, she looks so much like Nick. The same color hair, the same smile.


No, this cant be. I... I cant be spending my time with HIS daughter! I cant even believe that I liked her! Why?! Why, Nick?! I thought I finally found someone that I could relate to, someone who I might spend the rest of my life with... Someone who likes me for me...


I was wrong. I could never feel that way about HIS daughter. NEVER!


"And what about you, Jason?" she asked. "Who are you?"


I took a huge breath. I might as well tell her who I am. We're not going to be seeing each other again, so why not? She can go tell her dad for all I care, that would be great! Besides, since she's his daughter, she's my new target.


"McCann... Jason McCann."

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