Protect Me.

Jason McCann: heartless bomber out for revenge. Boelle Stokes: the only daughter of officer Nick Stokes. When their two paths cross, sparks fly and trouble arises.


4. "HE DID WHAT?!"

Bo's P.O.V


I couldn't believe what he just said. Did he just say... Jason McCann. I took a step backwards, but hit the rock wall behind me. My eyes were as wide as they've ever been. He's dangerous, he hates my dad, he could hurt me. I looked into his eyes, the eyes I once admired, but felt nothing. I used to feel safe, now I feel nothing.


"M-McCann... Jason McCann," I stuttered.


"That's my name. Don't wear it out." he chuckled, and walked slowly towards me.


"How'd you find me?! My dad said it was safe! Y-you're... It's not... What?" I kept fumbling over my words, so I just decided to end it with 'what'.


He chuckled at my loss of words, but then he was back to serious. "Wait, what do you mean, 'how'd you find me?'?"


"They told me that you would come after me. I had to hide for two months!"


"Two months?!" He exclaimed. "Holy crap! That's like prison!"


"You have no idea," I sighed. Wait, why am I telling him these things? He wants my dad's head on a stick! I should hate him! Hit him, Bo! do it!


You couldn't do that to him! Remember the way you two connected?


Tell your father! Hurry!


Be friends, you like him.


You're in DANGER.


Who cares?! You like the danger!


My mind couldn't and wouldn't shut up until Jason broke the silence. "H-how... How could you be even from the Stokes family?! Not to mention have you father be Nick! I just don't get it."


My head tilted to the side. "What do you mean?"


"You're..." he trailed off.


"I'm...." I pushed him further.


"Great! You're so cool! You're so... Pretty. I- I don't get it."


My face went red. He called me pretty... I looked up from the ground, and saw his face aflame. I giggled at him and shook my head.


"What?" he asked.


I shook my head again and giggled louder. This caused him to smile, but the smile left as quickly as it came. "No one has ever called me pretty before."


Now it was his turn to have wide eyes. His mouth dropped open a little, and he just stood there. "Well, obviously this world is stupid."


Wait, why is THE Jason McCann being so nice to me? Shouldn't he try to take me? Hurt me? Kill me? Why is he calling me pretty, cool, and great? It's him that I don't get.


Jason's P.O.V


What am I doing?! I'm supposed to be hating her! I'm complimenting her! I'm so confused!


She's so great, hypnotizing, actually. It's like whatever she does, I'm being magnetically pulled towards her. Like my brain does whatever she wants it to do, not what I want to it to do. My mouth curls into a smile, and my lips part to reveal my shiny teeth. Why am I smiling?!


"Heheh, what?" she giggled, hiding her face with her hair.


My hand reached forward and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, revealing her read face. My smile widened, and my anger towards myself deepened. I dropped my hand and spun around. I took my shaking head in my hands, and starting breathing loudly. What is wrong with me?!


"A-are you okay?" she asked.


Why does she care? She's Nick's daughter. She should hate me, like him.


"Jason? What's wrong?" she asked, and I felt her hand being placed on my shoulder.


I sighed under the delicate touch that she had. It felt so good... "I shouldn't be acting like this..." I whispered.


"Like what?"


"Nice!" I exclaimed while turning around. "I shouldn't be being nice to you! I should be threatening you! I should- I don't know!"


I crouched down on the platform and sat with my back against the rock wall. I looked out over the sea in front of me, and watched as the colors of the sky changed and mixed together. A sunset... Bo's favorite color. She told me that, I remember. That's why I took her here...


Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. It's so right, but it's so wrong. I look up at her face, and she's admiring the sunset. I watch as her chest rises slowly and falls quickly. She loves sunsets. My lips form a smile, and I could feel it reach my eyes. I've never felt like this before. I've never smiled like this before.


I don't know what's happening to me, but I know that one thing is for sure:


I'm not letting her go.


Nick's P.O.V


I glanced at the clock, 7:03. Bo should be back soon. I hope she's alright. If anything happened to her, I wouldnt be able to live with myself. She's probably fine. She went to the mall with Allie, Allie would never leave her side.


I trust Bo. I really do, but I cant help that feeling of danger rise up in my mind. Wherever Jason is, he better stay away from my Bo.


SpongeBob is on, and I decided to watch it. It's not the same without Bo, but it's still SpongeBob. Halfway into the episode, there was a knock on the door. I checked the clock, 7:25. Bo should have been home by now.


"Hold up! I'm coming!" I yelled, shuffling over to the door.


Maybe it's Bo! Maybe she forgot her key, and she just needs the door unlocked. The person knocks again, but faster and doesn't stop. If it was Bo, she wouldn't be knocking like this...


I grabbed and turned the door handle, Sara was on my doorstep. I looked at her worriedly, praying to God that she isn't here to tell me that-


"Nick!" she said as a tear fell down her face. "He took her."


My eyes widened, and I stared at her. I'm dreaming, I know I am.


"Nick! Nick, talk to me." Sara pleaded.


"N-no. She... She's probably on her way home, Sara. Don't frighten me like that." I pleaded, leaning on the doorframe for support.


"Nick... He wanted you to read this," she said, handing me a piece of paper.


Nick Stokes,

Very clever, hiding your daughter from me. You need to realize that I've gotten smarter, faster, stronger... You cant fool me. Lets make a deal. Your gorgeous daughter, (Bo, isn't it?) in return for your and all of the police officer's lives. Don't try to outsmart me, it wont happen. In fact, I'd be perfectly fine with Bo. She's such a nice girl. Loves dogs, SpongeBob, waffles. I think we'd get along just great! Plus, she's a looker, isn't she! Gee, I can't even believe that you two are related!

Sincerely, Your Old Friend,

Jason McCann x


"HE DID WHAT?!" I screamed, new found anger rising up inside of me.

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