Meet code pink. A girl band. They have major rivals. One Direction. Zayn comes fond of faith. Faith wants nothing to do with him join Alice, Augest, Alex, Harmony, and Faith on their road to true love.


1. The basics

"Shut up Augeat" I scream. Oh hi there. I'm faith. I have red fire hair with brown eyes. I'm 17 and from London England. I am in a band called code pink with my four best friends! Harmony Augest Alice and Alex. Augest has light pink hair and green eyes. She's from Bradford England. She's the funniest. Next is harmony she has black hair and blue eyes. She is 20 and from Scotland. She's the smartest. Then theirs Alice. She has light blue hair and eyes. She's 17 and from mullingar. Lastly theres Alex. She's 18 from Cheshire. She has brown hair and green eyes. She is the flirt. That's a little about us ;)


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