Meet code pink. A girl band. They have major rivals. One Direction. Zayn comes fond of faith. Faith wants nothing to do with him join Alice, Augest, Alex, Harmony, and Faith on their road to true love.


2. Our history

Code pink formed in the x-factor. Your probly thinking about one direction, I know they were formed on the uk version like us, but i know nothing else. In 2012 I auditioned singing alone. I sung What they hell by Avril Lavinge. I passed. So, we all audtioned spretly. Augest sang say something bu Austin Mahone. Harmony sung The A Team by ed sharren. Alice sang Not fragile by christina grimmie. Lastly Alex sang Die Yound by Kesha. Us sepretly got to the House, Once we preformed solo in the House, We ended up being put togeather. So, now we have our own album called quest Forever. With a total of 12 songs. we Have been asked to preform in the teen choice awards. W e will be singing our hit Oath. 
*Present time*
I am fixing me hair, Making my red hair wavy. I was wearing a short red white and blue galexy dress. With red heals that has bows in the back. I walked down stairs. I found Augest wearing a pink short dress. the top was sparkely, and the middle of the dress where the top and bottom xonnected was a pink bow. Then silver sparkled high heals. Harmony was wearing a long green dress that had a leaf pattern on it, Along with black high healed sandles. Alice wearing a unique strapless bow dress. woth cream lace up lillitary high heals. Lastlyalex was wearing Chiffren high low dress with an exposed zipper front. Along with grey knee high boots. A limo pulled up front. We hopped in. Soon we arrived at the show. I was the first to step out. the paperazzi went crazy. Camera flashes every place you looked. The girls followed. One Direction just arrived before us. We glaced ther way. They were our compatition. I looked away. I saw then glance our way. I saw the one with the quiffs jaw drop. I smirked. We posed for a few minutes. Idida few silly faces. Just having fun living my dream, that was now my life. We walked foward. We had to sand next to One Direction. We got millions of request to take some photos togeather so we did, just for the fans. I stood inbetween the quiff guy and the curlyhaired one. The quiff guy put his arm around my waist. Of course. We took a few pictures. then i walked in the building. Zayn ran up and caought up to me. "Hey love" he said. "Um Hi"? i replyed. "You look nice tonight" he said. "Thanks" i replyed. i walked into the ladies room. Irelived myself then walked out. Zayn was still outside. Oh lord. I walked past him. He grabbed my arm. "Hey babe dont be like that" He said. I rolled my eyes. " Go bother someone else" i replyed Harshley. I walked faster and took my seat. Soon the girls came in. "What was up with you and him" Augest asked. "He would not leave me alone" i complained. "Talking about me" i heard a voice say. I jumped. 'God Damn" i said. He laughed. "Come on babe, sit with us" he said. " Go away" i said. "You have no clue what your missing out on" he replyed. "Hell yeah i do" i said. He chuckled and walked away.

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