Meet code pink. A girl band. They have major rivals. One Direction. Zayn comes fond of faith. Faith wants nothing to do with him join Alice, Augest, Alex, Harmony, and Faith on their road to true love.


5. Moving in

Soon later we arrived. We hopped out and walked in the building. We walked up the steps to our confrence room. I opened the door. There was rosalie, Simeon C, And One Direction. Oh great. I was forced to sit next to Zayn and Niall. "Ok, so girls, One of the Members of One Direction came up with a good idea. You guys go on tour togeather, to get more fans of the same gender. Code pink get more female fans, and One Direction more male fans" rosalie stated. "And whose idea was it” I ask. “Zayn” simeon said. I glared at zayn. he smiled. "Now, You guys have to get to know eachother. Put all the hard felling and compatition away. You will leave for the tour in a week. With the remaing week Rosalie and I rented out a big house for you guys. You all will stay there till the tour. A boy and girl is assigned to each room. dont worry theirs two beds. Their will be your names on the door. You will have a maid and butler. On wensday the tour will be announced. Tickets will be sold immediantly. AND Its a world tour. It will be 4 hours. 2 for code pink 2 for one direction. Any questions" Simeon said. "Yes, why!" i complained. 1d chuckled. "Go home and back" rosalie ordered. "But-" i was cut off. "Faith dont argue with me" rosalie said fersly. I groaned and stood up. The girls did to and we were out. Great Zayn. I. Hate.You. 
*That Night* 
I walked up to the house. I opened the door. The guys were already there. The house was beautiful. The butler showed us the bedrooms. me and the girls walked up to the first door. There, Harmony and Niall shared a room. Their room was a modern designed bedroom. She droped off her stuff. Then we went to The next bedroom it was on the left. There Liam and Alice shared a room. there room was a old fashioned room. She dropped off her stuff. Next we went to the next room, that one was on the right. There Augest and Louis shared a room. Their room was quircky bedroom. She dropped off her step. Next was Alex and Harrys bedroom. Theres was a cosy country bedroom. Lastly there was mine. That means.... Oh no, i had to share a room with Zayn!!!! I dragged myself to the room. Our room was a uk themed. The girls went back to there rooms. I was putting up my clothes when someone wapped there arms around my waist. Before i could turn around there lips were on my neck. Somehow, the person knew my weck spot. My knees begain to go week. They still keep kissing it. I reached back and put my hand on the back of their neck. I was getting somewhat horny. I spun around and crashed them againsed the wall. There was... Zayn. 
*Zayn's p.o.v*
She pinned my aginsed the wall. I smirked. "Did you enjoy that love" i teased. She glared at me. "Dont ever do that again" she hissed. "No promises" i reply. she kneed me in the balls. I fell to the floor. That was 100% worth it.

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