Meet code pink. A girl band. They have major rivals. One Direction. Zayn comes fond of faith. Faith wants nothing to do with him join Alice, Augest, Alex, Harmony, and Faith on their road to true love.


4. Best fandom

We got back in our dresses and went back to our seatsfor the last catogory. "Best Fandom nomnies" Dwane announces. The screen turns on "Directioners" with a picture of one direction popped up. "Lovotic" A picture of demi pops up. "Selenator" a picture of selena popes up. "Katy-Cat" a picture of katy poped up. Lastly "Pink Army" A picture of us popped up. "And the winner is...." the rock opened the envolope. "Oh wow, the winner by ONE vote is One Direction: he announced. The boys jumped up and took the stage. The rock stood beside them. "You guys beat Code Pink by One last minute vote" he anounced. "Wow, well we wanted to thank all our fanswho voted for us, this award is not only ours, its yours too" Harry said. "Woah! close call, We are still in shock of who we beat such huge stars, Thank you everyone" zayn said. He looked at me and winked. I rolled my eyes. They wentback to their seats. "Well, that concludes todays reward saremony thank you everyone" the rock announced and walked off stage. We stood up and went outside. We posed with our reward. One direction was right behind us. To give the paparazzi and magazines something to talk about, I walked over to them. "Congratulations guys, You really deserved it" I said to them. "Thanks love" Harry said. I knodded. 
*Zayn's P.O.V*
Her red hair was beautiful. The way it rested on her shoulders. She is truly stunning. She takes my breath away. I put my arm around her waist. "Hey again love" I said. She rolled her eyes. She bent over and whispered in my ear "Not Happning" she said. yet, Her breath gave me goose bumps. She unrapped my arm and said good bye then walked away. 
* Normal P.O.V*    
i wlked back to the girls. they laughed when i came back. Ahhh..... how fun. We drove back to our flat. *Hours later* 
The sun has now been replaced by the moon. I sit on my ledge by the window looking out in the sky. I was wearing my M is for Mustache face pj top, Mustache pj bottoms, Dog slippers, And hello kitty glasses. I Was looking out into the stars. they looked beautiful. I yawned. I climbed into my soft cumfy bed and let night take me over. 
Here i was getting ready, Our manager Rosalie said we had to meet some band to do a duet with and possibly be there opning act. I went down stairs all of us were dressed and ready to go. I wore: A Black lace flower designed crop top, Lime green jeans, and knee highblack boots. Augest wore: a pink over the shoulder top with pre ripped skinny jeans withblack heals. Harmony wore: A blue loose top that had flowers on it with black jeans and blue wedges. Alice wore a mustache shirt with jeans that one leg were black, the other was red with black stars. topped off with grey supras. Lastly, Alex wore a peach crop top that had ajewl heart, a blue tanktop, jeans, and teal combat boots. we hopped in a car and we were on our way

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