Creepypasta Stories

Creepypasta are scary stories that are spread throughout the interweb via email or blogs.


3. Short Story 2


Lacrimosa walked up behind the poor boy. His tears fall silently and he bleeds in many places. His mother had come home, drunk. His father not to soon after. The boy hid, but was found. He prayed it would be short and end, but it was not. She heard him crying and came to see of she could end his misery.

She gently puts her cold hand on his shaking shoulder. His head snaps up and his dark brown eyes meet hers. "Who are you?" He asks, stuttering a bit.

"Shh, I am Lacrimosa. Are you ok?" He stairs at you a bit.

"Yes, I'm fine." He is lying, she knows.

"Then why are you bleeding?" She touches the cut on his face and then looks at his wrists.

He flinches lightly. "Because..........pain can bring relief." She look in to his eyes.

"Can it? I told you my name, but do you know who I am?" He shakes his head. "I have the power to end misery." He looks her over.

"Why did you come to me, then?" He seems smarter than the most she visits.

"I came because I heard your prayers and your crys." He looks away, down at his wrists.

"What could you do, then?"

She puts her hand on his shoulder again. She leans down and whispers in his ear. "I could end it all." He meets your eyes and takes a breath, his last breath as his heart stops beating, slowly.

He sighs and whispers faintly, as his tears dry, "Thank you.....Lacrimosa......" The light in his eyes dim and then go out, his cheeks have salt on them, from his tears. Slowly, she stands. Already she hears the crys of another.



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