Creepypasta Stories

Creepypasta are scary stories that are spread throughout the interweb via email or blogs.


4. 3rd Short Story

The Black Lady

Outside the club a woman with long dark hair stood in the shadows. A drunk man walked into her. "Oh, sorry. Whoa, your hot." His breath smelled of liquor and.....cigarettes. Filth. She looked him over with a sneer. "You are not worth my time, human."

She turned away but the filthy human grabbed her arm. "Hey, wait, sweet checks, I'm not done with you." He leered at her. "Oh, I think you are." She grabbed her arm and wrenched it back, breaking it. He let out a yell, the drunken group he was with didn't notice. "Hush, stupid human, Be silent." He subsided into whimpers. She leaned down and pulled a gun from her coat.

Seeing it he whimpered more. "I am going to rid the world of you, you are a filthy discussing human and don't deserve to live. Filth." She put the barrel to his head.

Smiling cruelly and pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground, dead. She put the gun back into her coat and walked away. Already smelling out her next job.

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