A dream come true

Emily Key is a 16year old girl she lives in London and she enters a competition to win meet and greet tickets for one direction..... Her live turns upside down and never go back to normal


2. Meeting one direction

I could hear the, coming on the stage

i could see there figure outline behind the curtain, as the lights shined on them I could see them

OMG here they come, the first song they sang was what ever make you beautiful everyone was screaming and shouting. As I was siting in the front I could touch them if I out my handout! 

They all became closer and I out my hand out and ZAYN touched it. "I couldn't believe he just touched my hand" I was so excited I was crying.

also I'm going  to see them again when he concert has finished, I thought to my self I hope that I get a long time with them as I want to ask them to follow me in twitter especially Zayn if Zayn followed me my life would be complete.

All together they sang 12 songs they were;

1. What ever makes you beautiful 

2. Gotta me you

3. Up all night 

4. Little things

5. One way or another 

6. Live while we're young 

7. Kiss 

8. C'mon C'mon

9. Heart attack 

10. Rock me

11. They don't know about us

12. Summer love 



I loved all of the songs they sang.





It was they end of they concert and it was time to go and meet them, I was so nervous and had butterflies in my stomach but on the other hand I was so excited to meet them.

They called mum and me in, I couldn't believe my eyes they were all they standing right in front of me Harry styles, ZAYN MALIK, Naill Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

i had tears running down my face and i was only allowed 5minutes with them, we had pictures taken i had a picture with them all and one individual.  Asked them to follow me so I gave them my twitter name and then I asked Zayn and said

"please can you follow me it would mean the world to me and i love you so muc"

Zayn replied

"of course I will follow you just put it in my phone"

so I did. I couldn't believe I just  touched Zayn Maliks phone  he pressed follow and Zayn said

" there we go I'm now following you Emily"

 I replied 

" thankyouu so much I hope you will never forget me one direction I love,you all it has been amazing to meet you"

" thankyouu so much for coming down here today Emily and I hoped you enjoyed the concert"

" it was amazing goodbye one direction I will never forget this day"

" bye Emily"  

















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