A 'Index'

This is a match for my 'No Title' Movella. It has the 'story' of most of the Gods or Goddess


1. The Story Of.....


Everything above the tree tops is her domain, she owns it. She has control over Sun, Moon, Star, Cloud, and Storm. Also, Night and Day are in her kingdom. Her most famous form is as a Pegasus.

Skye is pure beauty.

Her main and tail are light gray. Her wings are light blue, darker near the shoulder. her eyes, oh, her eyes, twinkle like the north star in the abyss of Space. They are all white, with a thin ring of deep sea blue, it widens when a storm is coming. The longest day of the year, look at the sky just as the sun kisses the horizon and the moon has set, that color, in the center of the sky, is the color of her body. That is the color of her.


Skye is a generous goddess. She is controlling yet calming.

Her Poem;

The Sky Shines

The Gray Clouds Weep

The Sun Shines Brightly

The World Turns Red

With The Changing Of

Night And Day

The Sky Is Darkening

It Changes Fast

And Slow

Skye Deems The Time

The Way

And The Why

The Skye Is A Goddess

Of Beauty

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