Missing Piece

You ever feel like something has been missing your whole life? I have a wonderful dad, stepmom, and the most adorable little brother. But I still feel like I'm missing something, or someone. My dad told me my mother died in a car accident when I was little. I don't know her name but I will tell you mine. My name is Lilly. Lilly Styles.


4. Weird...

****Lilly's P.O.V.****
 It was the day we were going to the One Direction concert. I don't even know there names! Kay (my nickname for Katie) is not that obsessed with One Direction like some people. Mariana and Jazzy are like me, the just heard of their music. We don't even know there names. Oh well anything for my bestie! 

We were taking my red convertible. Kay was so excited. When we got there it was filled with screaming girls. Best birthday present ever. *note the sarcasm* 
  ***Skip the concert****
 We were at the end of the line. Ugh this is gonna take forever. When we finally got to the front I saw familar faces.
"You know Harry Styles?!" Kay said, well more like screamed!
"We met at the park...then at Starbucks. I broke his sunglasses. Sorry about that again"
"It's fine. I thought you weren't a fan? You obviously didn't recognize me when we met."
"Well Katie here got tickets so why disappoint her"
"Nice to see you again" He said and smiled.
 Katie just stared at us shocked.
"Harry, these are my friends, Katie, Mariana, and Jasmine"
"Nice to meet you. Guess you should meet the rest of the band" 
He called them over and introduced us.
"Hey aren't you the girl from Starbucks Harry was talking to?" Who I was told was Niall.
After twenty minutes of talking we finally decided to go
"Well nice meeting you girls, maybe we should meet again" Harry said and put his number in my phone as I put mine in his phone.
"Okay bye guys, nice to meet you" I said and we left.

 "Omg, omg, omg! Why didn't you tell me you met Harry Styles?!" Kay screamed.
"I didn't know he was in One Direction. I didn't even know he was famous!"
"You lucky bitch" Kay said, I chuckled.

****Next day****
 I woke up to my phone ringing. I looked at the time and saw it was 9:45. I looked at who was calling and it said 'Sexy Styles'. Cheeky Harry I thought with a grin. I answered his call.
M: Hello?
H: Lilly?
M: Hey what's up?
H: I just called to see if you and the girls wanted to hangout with us?
M: I don't know I'll call the girls to see if they're busy. I'll call you back.
H: Oh okay. And by the way, I like your name you put in my phone.
 I laughed and thought if my name, 'Silly Style' cause it rhymed.

I texted the girls to see if they could hang out and they said they can. So I called Harry back.

H: Hey, what did they say?
M: They said the could hang
H: Okay meet us at our apartment, I'll text you the hotel and room number.
M: Okay bye, see you later.

 I got dressed and texted the girls that I'm picking them up. I picked them up and drove to the hotel Harry was staying at. We went in and went up to room 69 (;D HAHA). We walked in and all the boys were sitting in front of the telly. 
 "Hey" They all said.
"Hey" We said back.
We sat down and thought of what to do.
 "Wanna play 20 Questions to get to know each other better?" Liam suggested.
"Yeah sure who wants to start, we ask the person next to us in a circle" I said.
"Okay, who's first?"
"Lilly you start!" Louis screamed.
"Haha okay. Liam, what's your favorite color?"
"Purple. Jasmine, what's your favorite band?"
"Paramore. Niall, what's your favorite food?" She said and smirked.
"Awww man! Why'd you choose the hardest question?! Well it would be Peri Peri Chicken! Katie, do you have any siblings?"
"A 22 year old brother named Johnny and a 14 year old sister named Sarah. Zayn, where are you from?"
"Bradford, England. Mariana, who's your favorite singer?"
"Demi Lovato. Harry, what's your favorite song?"
"Umm, probably Torn. Louis...I know everything about you! Just continue."
"Fine, Lilly, what's your full name?"
"Lilly Rose Styles"
The boys looked at me surprised.
 "I know right, that's what I thought when I met her. I thought she was related to Harry" Kay said.
"It's just a coincidence, my dad's last name is Styles and I never met my mother, my dad said she died when I was little"
"I'm sorry" Liam said.
"It's fine, I never knew her so it's not that hard for me"
"You know it's weird because I never knew my dad, my mom said he left her when he found out I was born, she kept her maiden name, Cox, but kept my last name Styles. But it's weird because they already had a child before me, Gemma Styles, but he didn't leave her. I think she's keeping something from me"
 "My dad also got weird when I mentioned we were going to a One Direction concert. He said I couldn't go but oh well"
"Hmmm weird"

****Author's Note****
 When do you think they will find out? Well that's for me to tellXP Love you guys! Keep reading:* 

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