Missing Piece

You ever feel like something has been missing your whole life? I have a wonderful dad, stepmom, and the most adorable little brother. But I still feel like I'm missing something, or someone. My dad told me my mother died in a car accident when I was little. I don't know her name but I will tell you mine. My name is Lilly. Lilly Styles.


6. Secret...

****Harry's P.O.V.****
 Me and Lilly got to the restaurant and we saw something strange. My mum and some guy with each other at a table. I was so confused. Mum would never do something like this! But I would understand why. I looked at Lilly and she looked shocked. 
 "Lilly what's wrong love?" I asked her
"Tha- that's my- that's my dad! What is he doing here with her?!" She said pointing at...mum?! Why is she here with Lilly's dad?! 
"WHAT?! That's my mum! What are they doing here together?!" 

 We looked at each other and she had an angry look on her face. I knew what she was gonna do. She started walking their way so I quickly followed after her. 
 "Dad?!" She yelled. They heard and saw her coming. Their eyes got wide. Especially when they saw me with her.
 "Honey, what are you doing here?" He said awkwardly
"Hanging out with Harry. What are you doing here?!" She said while staring at him and my mum
"Yeah mum what are you doing here?" 
I asked
"Oh..uh...um...yeah we're old friends! Best friends! We went to the same school and when he said he was coming to Holmes Chapel we just had to see each other again!" Mum said. But I can tell when she's lying.
"We want the truth." I said
"Yeah dad! You said you were going to work!" Lilly said angrily. Her dad sighed.
"Maybe it's time to tell them. They have the right to know" Her dad said.
"Uh...um...ugh. Fine." Mum agreed
"Well we don't know how to put this but..."

****Author's Note****
It's not really cliffhanger. You guys probably know the secret already:p And sorry for the short chapter:p Anywhore...DID YOU WATCH THE 'BEST SONG EVER' MUSIC VIDEO?! It was hilarious!!!! Zayn is wayyyyy prettier than me! Haha not. I'm one sexy beast! Off topic...but this was probably my favorite music video!!! Anywhore! Favorite and like this movella and tell your little peasant buddies bout this! Thanksss sluts!!! Love yous! 

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