earth is dead

when Russia and the usa launch nuclear bombs on each other the world pretty much dies, i didn't blow up, it didn't disintegrate, but everything and everyone on earth except Alyssa natsaldie and her brother Michael natsaldie, they have to find food and weapons incase some of the people of the animals changing through radiation


1. waking up

after our parents had put me and my brother Michael asleep for three hundred years before the world ended we didn't know if we would wake up or not, so we decided to take our chances with it.


                      when i open my eyes the room it dark, the light is very dim, but bright enough so we can see where were going, i get up and walk over to my brother at the other side of the room, not too skinny and not too fat, he has brown shaggy hair and deep blue eyes, he is really strong, he is well built, broad shoulders for sixteen, and is really good looking like our father

"finally awake are you" he laughs coughing, he grabs his water bottle and starts to chug it

"sip it or you'll throw up" i yank the bottle away from his mouth and laugh as he spills it all over himself

"you suck" he says laughing, we never fight, we always get along so well with each other sometimes its scary, but its good in so many ways too

"yeah like you don't" i say shoving him slightly, it was fun having an older brother to watch after me when i need him to

when i realized that i was drenched i go change into a black tank top and purple short shorts, i had a feeling it would be hot outside and who knows what the roads and ground will be like so i put on my vans high tops which are really comfy, when i go eat Michael is wearing a white t shirt, black shorts and his yellow high tops

i sit at the table in the bomb shelter the size of a mansion our parents built right after Michael was born and finished when he was fourteen, im thirteen and almost fourteen, and Michael is almost seventeen

there is a loud bang on the ceiling, it could be a monster, i see Michael heading over to the steel door that separates us and them

"what are you doing, it could be a monster!!"

"or it could be a person who need help" he says back, he pulls the lever that opens the doors and a giant snake with a really sharp tail runs Michael over and pushes me into a wall and just stops, im trapped against the wall by a giant snake

"Michael, help!" i yell over to him, he comes running over, but when he gets an arm length distance away from me the snake uses its tail to stab Michaels shoulder and pin him against the wall right next to me, he looks in serious pain, and its all my fault

"oh my gosh i am so sorry" i say stabbing the snakes tail with my pocket knife, it releases me and throws Michael to the other side of the room, so i run up its body and push my 5in blade into its skull, i pull my knife out and it falls to the ground with a thud

"Alyssa" i hear Michaels faint voice say to me, i run over to him, he's bleeding really bad, he takes his shirt off and hands it to me, "wrap it up tight" he says as he tries to sit up, i help him sit up and i wrap his shoulder tight like he said to

"im gonna go out there and look for weapons and food" as i get up to walk away Michael grabs my arm

"yeah right you are, im going" he uses me to help him stand up, he almost falls over on the snakes fangs when i catch him

"you've lost too much blood, you need to rest, so im going" he nods and i help him into the other room where he can rest and regain his strength, as i walk outside i feel a burst of heat and wish i had ice or cold water, but i see a little town not too far away

when i get to the town i am exhausted over running from several monsters on the half mile hike here, the whole valley looks like a desert with mountains

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