earth is dead

when Russia and the usa launch nuclear bombs on each other the world pretty much dies, i didn't blow up, it didn't disintegrate, but everything and everyone on earth except Alyssa natsaldie and her brother Michael natsaldie, they have to find food and weapons incase some of the people of the animals changing through radiation


2. people

hey guys, srry i haven't updated in so long, my grandparents took my laptop away so i couldn't type, thanks for the likes and i hope you like the rest



 when i walk into town not many people are around, i can see only two or three people outside at a time, i walk up to a nice lookin boy, he has blonde hair down to his nose, he has dazzling blue eyes, and looks pretty strong, and he's lookin right at me, we walk towards each other, when we meet he looks into my eyes

"so you knew around here or what" he says in a smooth soothing voice, he has the cutest smile

"actually yeah i am, uummm, is there a hotel or something around here?" i ask looking around at the small town

"yeah, my pa owns it, its a couple miles into the mountain though if you still wanna stay there" he says coming a little closer to me, he is a little taller than me, if he kisses me i might scream a little

"yeah, my brother needs a place to stay after ours got destroyed mostly by a giant snake" i say looking in the direction which i came from

"what happened to it" he says lookin surprised

"i killed it after it stabbed him in the shoulder" his mouth dropped and he backs away, the ground vibrates and he pulls me into the nearest building, he wraps his arms around me and pulls me into a corner and sits me down as the vibrating turns to shaking, it lasts for several minutes, and all that time he is holding me tight in his arms, his body is so warm, i feel safe, I've never felt this way either

"are you doing okay?" he asks as the shaking stops, i get up and help him up, we walk to his upgraded golf cart which can go up to eighty mph, multiple guns, and food and water, i tell him where to go, and in fifteen min were at my mostly destroyed home

"this is it" i say as i get out and walk towards the wall from where i came out, when im about three yards away from the entrance i sense something is wrong, the boy is about to walk in when i pull him away

"whats wrong" he says as i slowly walk to the wall

"something's not right, be quiet for a minute" i listen for any difference in the quiet home, then i hear a faint yell from Michael, i run inside with the boy close behind me, i run into the room where i left Michael, the whole room is totaled, things are all over the place and i see my shirt with dry blood on it on the floor in front of the closet, i cautiously walk over to the closet and open the door, Michael is lying unconscious with a small black rat on him, it just looks at me with its devilish red eyes, i start to reach for it when the boy pulls me back

"that's a sky rat don't touch, or it will transform and kill you" i pull away from him

"did that thing kill my brother?" i ask pointing to Michael

"i don't know, but we can get it off of him if we trick it with food"

"okay, go get some" he runs out to the cart, he comes back with a hand size block of cheese and draws the rats attention, he throws it and the rat runs after it like a dog, i run up to Michael, he's still alive just badly hurt

"my dads a doctor, we need to get him back to him" he says putting Michaels arm over his shoulder, i do the same with his other arm, we get him in the cart and belt him down so he doesn't fly away, we get to the mountain and are to the hotel where the boy lives, i never did get his name

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