earth is dead

when Russia and the usa launch nuclear bombs on each other the world pretty much dies, i didn't blow up, it didn't disintegrate, but everything and everyone on earth except Alyssa natsaldie and her brother Michael natsaldie, they have to find food and weapons incase some of the people of the animals changing through radiation


5. nightmare

tylers POV

after savannah went to bed i heard her crying, it made me sad, after all she did for me today i wish i can do more for her, i walk onto kyles room

"hey ty, whats up" he says, i smile and sit in a spinney chair and slowly spin around

"i feel bad, savannah has done so much for me today, and she is crying in her room, i just want to do something for her" i say, he looks concerned

"your right, she did a lot for me too, but what do we do" he says, i think for a minute, he thinks too, there is a silence for about ten minutes

"we can have a fun day with her around town, drive her around, go on a picnic" kyle says

"that's not a bad idea, and we could take her to see the concert tomorrow, the orchestra thing" i say

"she did say she likes classical, and instrumental, but where would we get the money, that thing costs a fortune" kyle says, then im blown back to my room where the stole money is, i stole money from anyone i could, i have a couple hundred dollars

"i have money, from when i went on a stealing spree, i pick pocketed people, and i have a couple hundred in my room" i say, his eyes light up

"instead of going to a concert, we can but swim suits and swim" kyle says, im struck with fear, i cant swim

"but i cant swim" i say

"i can teach you" kyle says

"where did you learn how to swim" i say

"i snuck off and taught myself" he says with a proud smile

"ok, but if she doesn't want to" i say

"we can ask her before we go" he says, then there is a knock at the door

"come in" i say, savannah walks in with red eyes and tears on her cheeks

"what happened" i ask and run up to her, she embraces me in a hug and cries into my shoulder, i hold her tight

"Michael" is all she says, so i take it she had a nightmare about her brother

"its ok, hey, do you like swimming" i ask, she looks up at me and nods

"do you have a swim suit" kyle asks walking over

"yeah" she says and wipes her eyes

"ok, come sit down" i lead her over to the bed, kyle sits on her other side putting an arm around her

savannahs POV

"why did you wanna know" i ask

"just curious, now what happened" tyler says, they both hold me, it sound weird, but i like it, i feel safe knowing they both care for me like they do

"i saw Michael being ripped to shreds by a monster, and eaten" i cry into my hands in front of me, tyler has a hand on my arm trying to pull me up, kyle is pulling on my shoulder

"come on, you'll be ok, everything is ok" kyle says, i don't look at either of them, instead i keep my hands in front of my face but stop crying

"i know" i say, tyler eventually pulls me up to make me look at them, then kyle points something out on my pant leg, its dark red, i had cut myself earlier, and hoped they wouldn't notice

"what happened savannah" kyle says shocked, he looks up at me

"did you cut" tyler says

"yeah, i did, i couldn't handle Michael dying, this relieved some of the pain" i say, tyler gets up and walks to the bathroom

"tyler hurry, its pretty bad" kyle says pulling my legs up and onto his lap, tyler comes back with disinfectant and bandages

"this will sting" he says an puts the stuff on my leg, i try not to scream, i try to hit him and make him stop but kyle grabs my arms and pins them and my legs, i cry into his shoulder from the pain, he wraps the bandages

"there" he says, i finish crying and sit on the bed

"thanks" i say and stand up

"where you going" kyle asks

"to kill myself" i say and walk out of the room

"you aren't serious are you" tyler runs after me

"yes, i cant take it, Michael, my parents, my home" i turn to face him, his eyes caring and gentle, he grabs my hand and holds it, we are just in my room, the knife is on my bed im not sure i want to do it or not

"please don't, kyle and i care about you, Michael wouldn't want you to do this to yourself" he says, a tear falls down my cheek, he wipes it away

"but i want to do it" i say and he kisses me on the cheek

"i love you" he says, im speechless, he catches on and continues

"i thought you were beautiful when i saw you, caring when you saved me, and dependent and loving when you came in kyles room ready to tell us your nightmare, you are honest, lovingly beautiful and that makes you irresistible to me, i love you" he kisses me on the lips, it feels good and sweet, like his personality

"im sorry, i don't know what to say" he laughs and i blush

"its ok, this is my first time too" i laugh

"so, what happens now" i ask carefully

"i guess we can talk for  while, i don't want to go too far" he says, i laugh and walk in my room, he follows and we sit on my bed, the door is closed, the window is open for fresh  air, and we talk for a while, make out for a bit, he asks me out, i say yes, i love him too, but whenever he says i love you, i don't say anything back, my mouth wont work

"im sorry, i cant talk" i say when i don't respond to another i love you

"its ok, im having a hard time not blushing around you" that makes me blush something awful, he hugs me

"night, ill go back to my room" he says, i nod and say good night, i go back to sleep

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