earth is dead

when Russia and the usa launch nuclear bombs on each other the world pretty much dies, i didn't blow up, it didn't disintegrate, but everything and everyone on earth except Alyssa natsaldie and her brother Michael natsaldie, they have to find food and weapons incase some of the people of the animals changing through radiation


3. kyle

michaels POV


when i wake up from the attack of the killer rat, i freak out because im not anywhere i recognize, the man in a white doctors coat comes over to me with a needle, i back away panicking

"don't worry, this will help with the pain" i try to relax as he injects the stuff into me

"where am i" i ask rubbing my aching head

"in a hotel/hospital, your sister and my son brought you here after they found you" he checks the machines hooked to me and nods

"when can i see her" he looks at me

"later, kyle said he was taking her around the place, showing her around and wont be back for a couple more hours" i slump and relax knowing im going to be here a while, so i go back to sleep


kyles POV


as i drive savannah around the little town we have she is smiling, laughing, and screaming as i almost crash into everything we drive by, she has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen, and the cutest laugh, when i finally stop next to a river she falls out of the cart laughing

"are you ok" i ask, she doesn't answer, when i look over the side of the cart where she fell she's not there, then i feel someone push me out of the way and get into the drivers seat, i turn to see her holding the wheel in two hands

"yeah, im perfect" she smiles, i try to pull her away from the steering wheel but she drives on as fast as she can, she is a much better driver than me, she does all kinds of jumps and donuts, she might be better than mason

"slow down, we need to get back to the hospital, your brother might be awake" she nods and drives to the hospital, it takes about five minutes to get there from where we are

when we arrive at the hospital she races inside to michaels room, with me close behind her, she runs in his room to find him reading the hunger games

"hey" he puts down the book and smiles at her

"hey" she walk over to him and hug him tight


savannahs POV


it was nice to see him ok, i hold him in a long hug until he pries me off of him, he smiles and laughs

"dad, where are they going to stay" i can hear the boy talk to the doctor

"i don't know yet" he looks at us, so does the boy, they look confused, i think they are looking at Michael, i look at him and scream

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