Together, Forever (A Niall Horan fan fiction)

Lucy Fristem, a normal girl, in the normal 21st century, with nothing but life ahead of her, and lives freely with her mom, and her little sister, Jasmine, she was a young girl playful, fun and enjoyable to meet.
This all changes one horrible night when her mother dies in a accident, and when the social workers are only putting Jasmine in a foster home, Not her... Lucy.
She goes on the streets, until one boy with blonde ruffled up hair and lovely sparkling blue eyes, see's her, abandoned upset, alone, and is determined to get her to be his, but there is just two SMALL problems...

Lucy's, ex-best friend Cara, is determined to get Niall and her together and she has the power to force him to be her's by the amount of money she has...
One more thing...

He's a vampire.

(Hey I am crap at writing blurbs, but please read!)


3. Chapter 2: I'm on my own... I guess.

Maya's P.O.V.

I was in bed, crying my head of, my mum is dead... actually dead, no more of her sweet lovely voice calling our names, no more, 'Sweety you are gonna be late for school'

Jazz is down stairs, the police apparently organised a foster home for her already, but not for me, I guess she will be happier without me, I mean, I will bring back too many memories of mum to her, it's for the best... I guess

"Hey Luce, can you help me pack, I'm leaving in-in" I suddenly heard her burst into tears.

I quickly ran down the stairs, and held her tight,

''Don't worry, you'll be fine, and of course I'll help pack... c'mon!" I said reassuringly

"It's not th-that... I just don't wanna leave you, you all I got left, dad left, and-and mum is... DEAD" Jazz cried.

I was truly touched and yet again anger spread inside my by the thought of the worthless man.. my dad.

I smiled at her, and then held her hand whilst taking her upstairs.

"Don't think about our past sis, think about our future!" I said whilst folding up some clothes

Hey, you want this? I said showing her a dress, that always went just above her knees, that had butterflies with all different colours and around the bottom of it was frilly.

Jaz rolled her eyes and smiled, but the smile quickly disappeared and she looked sad.

"Look, I know you're mourning the pass of mum, but try to think about happy stuff!" I said trying my best to cheer her up.

"It's not that it's just... I over heard Christie (The social worker) saying, that no one wants to take you into their homes for children, and that the only place for you is the-the-the street'' Jazz said with a tears streaming down her face.

I felt my eyes starting to fill with tears, is this true.. I mean they wouldn't do that... would they, and Jazz never lies to me well, she certainly wouldn't in the situation we're in right now, I need to ask christie before Jazz leaves, what if this is all true...

''I'm sure you just misheard!" and left.

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