girl name marissa bumps in too one of the band mates in one direction what happens if she falls in love with one of them ( harry styles fan fiction)


2. the park

MARISSA POV when we go to the park we sat down and drank are coffee . " soo Marissa tell me about your self " harry tells me " um lets see.... I live in a house with too of my friends I love one direction um I want too be a singer and just live life the fullest " i tell harry with a smile . " tell me about your self harry " I tell him . " um well I was born FEBUARY 1 1994 I live in homeless chapel all my life I a, in a boy band called one direction" he tells me . all of a sudden I get a text from Victoria . from Victoria: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU AT ITS FREAKEN 10 : 30 TO Victoria : im talking too a friend I met be home soon k . FROM VICTORIA : K BE SAFE OKAY TO VICTORIA : trust me I will k got to go k bye " sorry about that my friends were freaking out because it is ten all ready I told them I be home soon "I told harry . " wow its ten all ready we should get in side at house" harry says ." you want too go to my flat " harry say too me " sure " I tell him.
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