'Cause Youre My Everything' A Niall Fanfic

Kate is 18, blonde hair, blue eyes. A good girl. There is a new boy in town. Blonde hair and blue eyes also. A bad boy.

This is my first story here on movellas, constructive comments would be nice. And also I' from Norway, så my engelish is not that good.


2. Niall. Niall Horan.

The boy grinned as he walked towards me. Great. "Hey babe" I heard as this boy sat down beside me. "Hey." I said coldly. I did not need another ass to ceep me from learning. This year is going to suck.. "Im Niall. Niall Horan," The boy said. I noticed he had an accent, a irish accent. I looked over at Niall, that was when i noticed his besutiful blue eyes. I knew they were blue, but not this kind of blue. It was like staring at the sky when there was no clouds. Like loioking at the ocean. It as like magic. I lost track of time, and didn't notice i was staring. He startet laughing quietly, and that was when i snapped out of it. I blushed, looked away and answered. "I'm Kate Smith." 

After class I met up with Jenny. We had not talked much in the vacation, so we were catching up when i hard Niall behind us. "Wait for me, Kate." I looked at Jenny an raised my eyebrows at her, she laughed, but stopped when Niall caught up with us. I looked over at him, just in time to see him stomp his sigarette. Great, my mom would freak out if she knew i was sitting beside a guy who smoked. She was really overprotective, and would think that him smoking would make me start too. "So where are you girls going?" Niall asked. I just took up my gum, giving one to him. I did not like talking to people when their breath smelled like smoke. He put the gum in his mouth. "Are you saying my breath smells bad?" ha asked, i just laughed and nodded. He was actualy reallty cute when he laughed. "We are going nowhere." Jenny said, eying Niall. "Mind if I tag along then?" Niall asked with a huge grin on his face. "Sure." Jenny and I said at the same time. We just started talking like we were before Niall came. "So Liam is your boyfriend?" Niall asked. Jenny smiled at the mention of Liam, and nodded. "Talking about the sun." I said as I saw Liam walking towards us. Jenny ran towards him, catching him in a hug. When he released her she stood up on her toes pecking him on the lips. They were absolutely adorable. When I turned around to ask Niall something, he was gone. I didn't really care.


When me and Jenny got inside the classroom there were only two chairs left. One was beside Niall, i think, and the other was beside some cheerleader. I looked at Jenny and she nodded at Niall, signalise thet I could sit next to him.When i sat down Niall took a piece of paper, wrote "you look really hot, babe" on it and shoved it over to me, so that i could write something on it. I blushed as I saw what he had written. "Thank you," i shoved it back to him. "You look like the girl I am going to hook up with tonight." I got pretty pissed at this. He didn't really think that I would hook up with him? Do I look that easy? "Well, thet you sould get your vision checked." He was an ass. "My vision is perfectly fine, babe.." After this i decided to just ignore him, and focus on what the teacher was saying. Witch was problaby a good decision, because I accualy learned alot. But at the end of class, just before the bell rang I got another piece of paper. "Call me tonight babe. xx Niall. " And under there his number was. I looked over where Niall was supposed to sit, but he was gone. Then the bell rang. 

When i got out of class, I told Jenny everything. She got really exited, saying that it had been long since last time i had a boyfriend. I could not say anything against that, I hadn't had a boyfriend since 8th grade. At lunch I sat with Jenny, Liam and soe other people. I looked over at the cheerleader table, where I found Niall. Ofcourse, he was one of those boys. He was just joking with me. What he really wanted was one, or more, of the cheerleaders. He was just trying to play me. Well, two could play this game. 

I didn't see Niall the rest of the day,  and i didn't care at all. 

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