The Day My World Changed [DISCONTINUED]

It takes place in early 17OOs-2013 in a castle in Scotland, near Loch Ness; and in NYC.
A killer is out to get Allie, and is immortal. It turns her and She must run for centuries and has been in hiding until she stumbles out of the woods still mourning the loss of her Father and little sister.
She Falls in love with another immortal.


2. Lillian



    I met Lillian 2 days before her 18th birthday, she looked so grown up that I cried and Adam put his arm around me. Being protective, but I leaned into his side and relaxed. Lillian just stared, I haven't changed in over 6 years, my hair was the same length, my body was the same. But my eyes weren't, they were a deep dark purple. "Hey Lill, are you okay?" I said softly. She started to cry so I let Adam go and ran to my little sister before she collapsed to the ground. Adam just looked at me in a way I new he wanted me to ask her, about the decision. "Not yet Adam! I'm sorry but please can I have 5 minutes with my sister? Stay close but don't watch us closely. Love you."

"I know, I love you too A." He replied, smiling.

"Who is that? He seems sweet!" Lillian said. I smiled and hugged her.

    That's when someone jumped us, I screamed and pushed Lillian behind me. And Adam appeared next to me fierce as ever and I instantly felt safe.  He launched himself at it to protect me, he killed the person and grabbed me into a tight hug, which I leaned to gratefully. At that moment I felt weird and.... in love with Adam.

    I wonder if he felt the same way towards me, when we had always said our 'I love you' It was always friendly only. I smiled up at him and the put my head on his chest, feeling safer than ever.

When the hug was over Lillian took my hand and Adam stayed close with his warm arm curled around my waist, it felt natural to lean in. So he squeezed me even closer, I looked into his deep eyes I could dive into, in that moment I knew he loved me back more than a blood kin.

    We went to the hotel Lillian was staying at and I sat on the bed, there was two beds. Lillian laid down on it and stretched her hands out toward me. I was surprised she was not scared of me an immortal, but as I think she sees it is as her sister, the one who has always protected her.

    I curled up next to her and I knew it was the best time to ask "Lillian, can I ask you a question? It's serious."

"Sure, what is it?" she asked sleepily.

    "Adam and I, well, we need to know your decision. About whether you wanna have a life with us, to live with us well, forever." I asked back.

    "I really do want to, but I'm scared. But I have one question, is this Adam the one who tried to kill me 6 years ago? The one who.... who took you away from me?" She asked back a minute later.

    I looked at Adam with solemn eyes, I had known this one would come up. "Well, yes but.... I'm glad he did, you know I was dying. I wouldn't be here if he hadn't. And well, I love him" I admitted not looking at my sire, my love, though I knew he was staring at me.

Seconds later I was no longer beside Lillian but in Adam's arms, if felt so right, so natural. "I love you  A!"

"I love you too Ad!" I confessed as well.

    In all this Lillian had started to cry because of how sweet the moment was, "The answer is yes, I want to stay with you guys in immortality, forever."

    "Do you want to get it over with or wait?" Adam asked.

"I want to do it now." Lillian said confidently.

With that she laid down and Adam gave me a kiss on the cheek, then walked over.







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