Fallen Love

Since she was born Ana has lived with a boy. He is sixteen. He never grows older. He remains that age. He needs her for something. what is it?


3. 10 years old

"Hey Anna" Ellie runs up to me with such glee that it makes me giggle. "hello, Ellie, why so chipper?" She looks dawn to the floor and blushes, "well you know my brother, Adam, he told me to ask you out for him. So will you?" She looks up at me expectantly. I gasp. " I will have to think about it". "You mean you will have to get your brothers approval. Hey, there's a point, why have I not met your brother?" " you'd probably just end up swooning all over him."

The lunch bell goes off.

When I walk in, there in our usual spot, is Christian. I sit next to him. He never talks to me. I don't know why. Does he still hate me? Of course he still hates me. What reason have I give him to not? I hate him too. I wish that how ever he had come into possession of me had never happened. Better yet, that I was never born.

Though recently, he has been kinder. When at home, he has aloud me to leave my room. But  I can only go in the kitchen, the dining room and the living room if I do. He hasn't put me in the dark room since I was eight, since the first time I actually told him that I hate him, instead he just hits me and I'm not aloud to talk. If I do he hits me again.

As soon as I sit down, everyone joins me. Ellie, Jessica, John, Matt, Lilly and ...Adam. He sits directly in front of me, and looks me directly in the eye. He looks like a lost puppy, whimpering for someone to take him home. 

I lean over to Christian and whisper in his ear "Adam asked me out, is that okay?" 

"I'll discus this with you later."









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