Death & Co entries

My entries for the Death & Co. young graphic artist competition, you may use my artwork for inspiration but by no means may my work be: traced, copied or stolen. Not that you would ever want to, if you review on my artwork, I will happily review yours.


1. Adam Mortson

Adam Mortson, I spent extra time working on my pieces for Adam because I find it so much easier to draw younger people than older. However all my realistic pieces I did of him are rather dodgy as I tend to find it much easier to draw in the style which I did a portrait of his face in (piece 4 in this chapter). I have a manipulation of him as well which is in the 'there is more to life than death section' so enjoy, any constructive criticism is accepted very happily. I understand that he looks quite young in some of the pictures but generally, it depends on the boy they look quite young at 15 rather than 16-17ish which is what other people are doing and I'm not sure he looks too young in my work now. The first piece is his eyes, as described in the book, with the sunrise. 



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