Demi's mum runs off unexpectedly to be with her boyfriend and leaves Demi and her two brothers alone in a small run down flat in the suburbs of downtown Los Angeles and doesn't leave any contact or information. So Demi and her brothers are left with no food and no money and left to fend for themselves that is until Justin comes along.

How will Demi cope? Will Justin be her saviour? Will her mother ever come back?


8. Stolen Lives

I tried to ring Justin 40+ times the next day and I also text him multiple times but I got no answer. What had I done? I didn't realise that I did something so wrong, I didn't know he was going to turn up! Why had he given me money? and not just some money, $200 what was the crack with that? I didn't mind, at leas I now had some money to feed us and pay for all the bills for the next few months. 

I thought a lot that day, about Mum, Dad, the divorce and just all my problems in general; I finally came to a conclusion, if I declared mum missing then maybe people would search for her or she's find out people were looking for her and come back herself. I couldn't find her on my own and look after Jackson and Adam. It was pretty much impossible.

As I walked to the police station with Adam and Jackson my heart started beating so rapidly I thought it was going to burst through my chest. My palms were sweating and I was shaking uncontrollably. I walked through the giant sliding doors my head started to swim, I slowly walked over to the desk and asked to speak to the person in charge of the missing person's unit.

''Yes, I shall just go and get him darling and what exactly is it for?!'' asked the secretary looking at me over the rim of her dark glasses.

''I.. I erm, my.. my mother is, erm.. my mother has gone missing'' I mumbled.

''Oh erm and how old are you darling?'' She asked.

''I'm 18'' I lied I didn't look 18, I knew that but I hoped she believed me.

''Erm, ok. I'll just ring Jeremy'' said the lady as she pressed a few buttons on her phone and mumbled something into the receiver.

''Ok, I just need a few details, what is your mother's name?'' Asked the woman.

''Marion Flemming'' I replied.

Her expression changed dramatically as she called into a walkie-talkie and shouted orders at a passing police officer.

Suddenly I was being told to go into a small room on my own while Jackson and Adam were taken in different directions. Adam was screaming hysterically while Jackson slowly started to panic. I transformed into full scale panic mode and started to kick and punch in every direction as I was grappled by two police men and dragged into a small white room and sat down in a large leather chair.

''What is going on?!'' I screamed at the two police officers as they walked out the room.

For fucks sake, what the hell was happening. I screamed at the top of the lungs until my throat stung like hell. I sat in the chair for what seemed like hours when a tall good-looking young man walked in and sat down on the chair opposite me.

''Why am I here? Why can't I see my brothers? What do you want from me?'' I shouted in his face.

''I don't want anything from you, I want you to be safe'' he replied calmly.

''What do you mean you want me to be safe?'' I yelled at him.

''Your mother is a criminal who has committed a very, very serious crime and you can not see her again.. I'm sorry but that's the way it is'' he said to me and looked at me with great sympathy.

''What do you mean? What has she done'' I asked, tears welling up in my eyes and a lump gathering in my throat.

''Your mother is Marion Flemming, am I correct?'' I nodded in reply. ''You're mother was involved in an investigation about a killing in Los Angeles last month'' He told me.

A killing in Los Angeles? Did he mean the church massacre? Please tell me he did not, please for the love of God.

''It was the killing of 49 innocent people in a Methodist Church and you're mother was one of the gunmen'' he said.

And that's when my whole world came crashing down around me.

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