One Direction Imagine's.

One Direction Imagine's.


6. Louis and Maggi.

Louis and Maggi, aka Maggi

Louis’s Point Of View.


I pushed the horn for the tenth time, and chuckled while looking at her house. It was nothing new for Maggi to be late, but I was impatient today. It was late already, and I wanted to be at our special place before the stars came out.

Finally she walked out of her house, looking as stunning as ever.. I’d describe her as a princess, if it wasn’t for the fact that she wore high wasted shorts, and a baggy shirt, which was tucked into her shorts. She knew she didn’t had to impress me, I mean, she was my best friend for so long. But without her knowing, she’d impress me everytime I see her.

She stepped into the car, and smiled at me before she reached over, and gave me a hug. ‘’yeah, yeah, a little late, but hey Lou.’’ she said casually. I shook my head, laughing a little.

‘’Fashionably late.. That’s wat girls always say, right? Hey Maggs.’’ I grinned. She slapped my arm lightly, before putting her seatbelt on. After it clicked, I started the car and drove out of her driveway.

‘’Yeah, something like that.. Not that I care about these things, anyway.’’ She turned on the radio on while talking, and I groaned out of annoyance after I heard the song which was playing.

‘’Change the station, please?! They should ban this song from the radio, seriously.’’ I pleaded, but ended my sentence murmering. I started to hum the tune of the catchy song. ‘’Goddammit.’’

‘’You’re really into it, Louis. It’d be mean if I changed the station.’’ She smirked, just to annoy me. I knew she didn’t liked the song too much, especially on the radio.

‘’Hey, I just met you.. And this is crazy! But here’s my number.. So call me maybe?! ‘’ I sang along dramatically, and she covered her ears, which only made me laugh.

‘’Annoying bastard.’’ she mumbled, and changed the radio-station shortly after.

After a while we came to our destination, and I stepped out of the car after turning it off. Maggi took the bag I brought out of the backseats, and together we walked to the top of the cliff. I took the bag from her, and took out the blanket, which I spreaded over the ground.

‘’Come on.’’ I smiled at her, and took a seat on the blanket. She sat down besides me, and I had a big smile plastered on my face. We both layed down, our faces facing the stars, who were slowly making an appearance.

After five minutes my eyes were on her, instead of the stars, and I think ten minutes passed before she noticed I was staring at her.

‘’What?’’ she smiled softly. I shook my head, but kept looking at her. Her gaze stayed on me, this time, with questioning eyes.

‘’Beautiful..’’ I mumbled. Her eyes went wide, and her cheeks flamed red. ‘’Just being honest here, Maggi.’’ I took her hand in mine, and she tensed for a moment.

‘’Lou..?’’ she said slowly, and I looked her in the eye before I nodded. ‘’Why?’’

‘’Just because.’’ I answered simply. She intertwined our fingers, which was surprising for me.

‘’Because of what?’’ She pushed, and I grinned.

‘’Because you are you,’’ I whispered. She gave me a go-on-look, ‘’Don’t freak out, and don’t run away.. Okay?’’ I asked her, and she nodded, still looking at me. ‘’I-I like you.  I like you for a little over six months now.. Well, before these months I never realized.’’ I rambled, and kept my voice low. This time, she looked surprised, but her eyes sparkled.

‘’I was dying to hear you say that.’’ She chuckled, and I could do a wild guess at the fact that my eyes were probably sparkling now. I released her hand, and pulled her closer to me, which resulted at her laying with her head on my chest, and with my arm around her shoulders, exactly where my arm should be.

I pressed a light kiss on her forehead, and together we decided that this would stay our special place, since this is the place where we practically both confessed we liked eachother, and to my liking, nothing between us changed.



Ello, finally got this up. Sorry for the shortness and stuff.

Hope you like it, Maggi. ^_^

x Kay.

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