One Direction Imagine's.

One Direction Imagine's.


2. Harry And Mia.

We'll meet again. 

Mia & Harry

At the age of fifteen.

Mia's Point Of View. 

In a slow pace, I walked to the house which was more of a home to me then my own house. 

With every step I took, I felt how my heart bounced against my chest, and my nerves got the best of me. It wasn't long or I finally reached the door, where I knocked loudly, silently waiting for my best friend to appear in my eye-sight. 

It felt like hours, but in reality it were seconds before the door got opened. There I stood, in front of my best friend.. This shouldn't be akward.. Oh well, it is. I looked to the ground, I couldn't do this.. I wasn't the one to tell him this. Maybe my mum, but not me. 

''Mia!'' he shouted happily. I looked up at my boy-best friend, and saw his curls flying around. I'm gonna miss them, I'm gonna miss him. 

''Haz..'' I answered with a monotone voice. That was the moment he realized there was something wrong. He frowned at me, before taking my wrist, and pulling me inside of the house. It was freezing outside. 

''What's the matter, Mimi?'' he cooed, using my nickname which only he was allowed to use. A dry laugh left my throat, not knowing how to bring this to him.

''You're not gonna like it.'' I whispered. I walked over to the living room, and looked around. Trying to keep a hold of every detail here.

''You're scaring me, Mia.'' he laughed, but I didn't laugh with him. I sat down on the couch, pointing at the place beside me. It took him a minute to realize that I wanted him to sit down. With a small smile around my lips I rolled my eyes.

''I'd be scared too.'' I said. He looked clueless. Well, no surprise. ''Promise me you won't get mad?''

''I promise Mia. I can't be mad at you.. You know that.'' he said softly. Tears were welling up in my eyes. He was being so sweet, and he had no idea what I was about to tell him. I took a deep breath, and looked around the room. I couldn't look him in the eyes while telling this.. That'd break my heart.

''I'm moving Harry..'' I said in a small voice.

''Wait what?'' He asked, surprised.

''Moving.. To America.'' I felt how the first tear rolled down my cheek, so I turned around, my back facing Harry. He grabbed my shoulders, and pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around me, so he could hug me.

''When?'' he whispered. You could hear that he was about to cry, but he held his head high.

''Today.. I'm sorry.. I just.. I didn't had the heart to tell you.'' And that was when he broke down. I wrapped my arms around his torso, since he had his around my neck. 

''You can't. Mia!'' He cried.  I stroked his back, hoping it'd help to calm him. ''I- I love you.'' he said silently. I tensed, but as soon as it came, it left again.

''I love you too, Harry. Always did,'' I answered. He looked up. It pained me to see his bloodshot eyes. I gave him a small kiss on his cheek. ''And I'm sure I'll Always keep that feeling with me.'' The familiar horn of our familycar cut me off.

''Please don't go..'' His voice cracked at the end, and I tried my hardest to ignore that. He released me, and I stood up. Together we walked to the door, were we started hugging once again. ''Skype me every single day. Call me, message me, send me stuff, pictures, whatever. Take care of yourself.. Promise me that, Mia.'' He whispered. I nodded.

''I promise. Don't forget me?'' I smiled, but he knew it was fake.

''How could I forget you.. The dumb ass I called my best friend for the last fifteen years, and who I'll call my best friend 'till I die?'' His smile was genuine. I let out a dry laugh. ''I'll be waiting for you.''

''I love you, so so so much.'' Every tear I held in, were streaming over my cheeks right now. ''I'll come back for you.'' I reassured him.

''I love you too, Mia.'' He pressed a kiss on my forehead, and while hugging, he opened the door.

''Promise me to follow your dreams, and try out X Factor.. For me?'' I said while releasing him.

''I will.'' He nodded. ''Only for you.''

''Bye Harry.'' I said, slowly walking out of his house.

''Bye Mia.''



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