Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


24. That night. :)

Stevie POV

I kept running to the house. I was tackled to the floor in an instant. Fuck. I pushed the person off and got up. Damn I really don't have any fucking time for this. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me away. I was struggling buy I couldn't get loose. I clised my eyes as he started groping me. "Stevie! Stevie! Stevie!" I heard two different voices call. He put his hand over my mouth and I slobbered on it. He let go and I yelled. "Over here!" He slapped me and threw me to a wall. The guy ran off as the others came closer. "Again!" I yelled as I clenched my fist and punched the brick wall. I kept punching the wall. My knuckles began to numb and bleed. I heard fast footsteps but that didn't bug me. "What are you doing?!" Zayn yelled as he pulled me away. He restrained my arms and held me back as the others came closer. "Stevie are you alright?!" Liam asked as he stopped. "Come on let's just get you home," Zayn said as he grabbed my wrist. Liam went and grabbed the bag. I started to cry knowing it was dark enough that they wouldn't notice the tears. 

Zayn POV

Her hand is bleeding. She was just punching the brick wall. Was she even thinking? I grabbed her wrist and we walked back to the house. She probably doesn't want us to see her cry. I heard her sobbing but barely. She wiped her face when we got to the house. We walked through the door and Niall jumped out and hugged her. She let out a laugh as she wrapped her arms around him. "Whoa Stevie your hands are bloody!" Harry said as Niall pulled away. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the sink. "Did you punch a brick wall?!" He said being a bit playful. "Actually yes," she responded with a faint smile. He cleaned off the blood and kissed her hand. "There, Little sis." He laughed. "Thank you big bro," she said as she hugged him. "Aww, that's cute," Jacey said as we all stared at them. "Come on. You need to get some sleep." Liam said as he escorted her upstairs to a guest room. 

Liam POV

"I left your stuff right here." I said pointing next to the bed. "Thanks Liam," she said and gave me a hug. "Don't your hands hurt?" I asked. "I'll be fine. This isn't the worst." she smiled. "Then what is?" I asked. "Try not being feed for five days." She said. I raised my eyebrows and asked, "did they really do that?" "Yep, but ai lived through it." she said as she unpacked a few things. "Need help?" I said as I hang some of her shirts. I pulled something out but it was a small necklace. "What's this?" i said as she looked over. "It's a necklace I've had for years," she responded and pulled more things out. When we finished Niall stuck his head in the door. "Can I tuck my sister into bed?" She smiled as we laughed. "Sure thing." She said and walked to the bathroom to change. "A T-shirt and shorts?" we questioned as she came out. "It feels better than you think." She said and rolled into bed. I walked out and went back downstairs. 

Niall POV

I pulled the covers up to her chin. I kissed her forehead and said, "Sleep well Sis." "Niall," she called my name as I turned around. "What is it?" I asked. "Can we hang out tomorrow?" She asked. "What else would I do?" I laughed and said, "goodnight." I walked to the door and turned the lights off. I shut the door and ran back downstairs. "How's your sister?" Lou laughed. "My little sister is alright," I said back as I walked to the fridge. I grabbed a beer and sat on the floor in feont of the couch. 

Jacey POV

They are starting to drink so I may leave. I'm leaving by the third bottle. Lou was first to three so I said goodnight and walked away. I walked upstairs and saw the guest room lights on. I knocked on the door. Stevie opened it. I walked in and asked, "I thought you were asleep?" "Eh. I can't sleep." she said as we shut the door and sat on the bed. "Why not?" I asked. "I don't feel right." she said really bland. "So do you want to get to know each other?" I asked. "Why not?" she replied as we turned towards each other on the bed. "Favorite color?" she asked. "Blue. And your's?" I questioned. "Green. Favorite movie?" She asked. "Don't have one." I lugged. "Me neither." She laughed along. "We kept taalking and talking. "How old are you?" She asked. "15, what about you?" I replied. "14!" she said and we kept talking. "What time is it?" She said hyper. "3am" I said back looking at my watch. "We should really go to sleep now." I laughed. "Maybe or maybe not. She laughed as she fell back on the floor. "You alright?" I asked laughing as I picked her up. "Yeah," she laughed as she got up and rubbed the back of her head. We heard a knock on the door and acted like we were asleep. The guys walked in and started laughing. "Nice try." Theydaid a they tickeled us. We busted out laughing. We shot up and looked at them. "Now go to bed sis." Niall demanded witha smile. "You too Jace," Lou said and we said goodnight then walked out. "How did you know?" I laughed as he walked me to his room. "You two are really loud," he said kissing my cheek and sending me off to bed. I fell asleep with no hesitation.....

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