Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


1. That day, years ago

Jake POV

"C'mon on Jacey." I said a my little sister raced over. "Okay, I was just tying my shoe." she said as she grabbed my hand. She had her teddy bear in her other hand. "Where are we going today?" She asked. I smiled brightly and made her sit down on a bench. "Wait here Jacey." I said as I ran as fast as I could to the others. It was really cold today considering the fact it was December. It's her birthday though. "Is everyone ready?" I asked as I stopped. They all said they were and I raced back to where I had left Jacey. She wasn't on the bench. Her beanie was on the floor though. What happened?! I looked around trying to be normal but there was no sign of her. I ran back to the others. "Mom. Dad. Jacey's gone." I yelled worried. They gasped and ran off to find her as Aunt Marie called the police. I sat down and felt warm tears flow down my cheeks. I was crying. What happened to her? I just left her for a couple minutes. I wiped my tears away but more showed up. I'm suppose to take care of her. She was suppose to be five today and she's not here for it. God, please I beg you to take care of my sister. I started crying even more. A great story; eight year old looses sister on her b-day. 

Jacey POV

"where are we going?" I asked politely. "Some where." Replied the nice lady. She had a really nice voice. She handed me a lollipop and turned back to the man who was driving. "Today's my birthday." I said. "Awe happy birthday sweetie!" She replied so happily. "How old are you now?" She

asked. "I'm five." I paused and asked, "what's your name? " She looked at me and said, "Just call me Mama Rose." She paused and asked, "What's your name?" I looked at my bear and said, "I'm Jacey. It says that on my bracelet too." She smiled at me and I kept eating the lollipop. She stepped out of the van and walked to the back. She opened the doors and I got out. "C'mon sweetie," she said and we walked in. There were several other girls when we walked in. I was a bit nervous in front of them all. "Girls this is Jacey. She is going to be with us for now on." She stated. They smiled and asked, "Have you thought of a new name for her?" She shook her head and said, "I'm leaving this one to you. Treat her nicely today is her birthday. She smiled at me and walked away. I looked at the other girls and the two tallest ones grabbed my hands and we walked to a big room. They introduced me to a couple other girls there and showed me which bed was for me. They showed me around and I sat next to them while they began to cook. They were so nice and pretty.  ....

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