Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


14. #Stevie?

Stevie POV

"Stevie get your ass down here now!" I heard Max yell. I hate these rude ass pricks. I could tell Siva was walking up the stairs. I made my hearing special so I can hear everything going on in the house. Jay was listening to music in the gum room too. My heart is starting to pound. Someone knocked hard on my door. "Stevie open the door now," they all yelled. Damn it. I can't kept writing forever. I have to deal with The Wanted. Huh, funny, no one what's them. I have to get off now. As soon as I was about to exit my door feel to the floor. "Stevie get dressed we have a party to trash." They didn't even see the computer. I sighed and got off my chair to go to my closet. I'm freaking fourteen why do I have to be with these bastards. I went through my closet and grabbed some white skinnies and a mint green color top. I started to play music. "My hearts a stereo it beats for you so listen close. Hear my thoughts in every note ohoh. Make me your radio-" I was cut off by the sound of someone walking in. "Max. Leave me alone." I stated. No words were said. Then he stepped in the shower. He smiled at me but it wasn't Max. It's Siva. I gulped loudly as he put his hands around my naked body. I tried to pull away but he pulled me closer. If I tell I'll get in trouble. He started kissing me. I kniw what's going to happen. I hate him! I began to cry as he violated every part of me. Sorry I don't want to say anything else. :'(

Jacey POV

Ugh! I felt shivers around my body but avoided it. I spun in the chair as I read the contact list. I grabbed the phone and dialed. "Hello?""Simon?""Yes""we are having a party for Lou and just called to ask you to come for a while.""Alright Thank You" he said and hung up. "Zayn are you finished with the playlist?" I yelled. "Done!" He said as he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle. We heard a loud thud and ran to Liam and Harry. Liam was on the ladder and Harry was on his but on the floor. "What happened?" I asked cracking up a bit. "Liam pushed me off," he said a bit annoyed. I ran to the door when I heard a car stop. It was Niall. We walked in with dozens of bags. "Was that all?" I asked. He dropped the bags and said, "that's not even a fourth." Omg. This boy. We all went to the truck and started bringing everything and arranging it all. 

Stevie POV

the water was still running and he stepped out. I can't stop crying. If ever had wings they would have been broken by now. I curled up in the tub. UGH! Stop crying! I c-c-can't. I'm having a mental fight with myself. Just leave the bitches. No they'll just find you everything will get worse. Do what they tell you. No they'll just break. They'll do it anyways. Don't bother. Get your fucking head straight. The blade. Try it. You won't regret it. I crawled out the tub and went to the sink. I threw everything around trying to find a blade. I stopped to think. What am I doing? Am I fucking serious. I fell on the floor and shot back up. I clenched my fist and punched the mirror. It broke to pieces making a loud smashing noise with it. In walked Jay. He's the only one I'm alright with. "Sweetheart put on a towel." He demanded shielding his eyes. I did so and he walked me back to my room. "Just get ready," he said as went back and picked up the shards of the broken mirror. I sighed and got dressed. Jay's the only one here who gives a flying fuck about me. I slipped on my Vans and fixed my curly black hair. I bleached the tips last week. It's not bad. It actually looks cute....

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