Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


17. Morning - Lacey - Sick - Random Shit :)

Justin POV

I woke up as the sun shined through the windows. I stared at Stevie. I think she's pretty nice. She fluttered her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back saying, "Morning, shorty." She sat up and lightly slapped my arm. She cracked a smile. "Did we stay here the whole night?!" She asked. "Yeah, why?" I responded. "I should've been home by midnight." She slipped on her clothes and shoes. I did the same and caught her before she fell. "Walking alright?" I laughed. She sat on the bed and I opened the door. She walked behind me handing me my jacket. "You can keep it," I told her. She took off her ying yang necklace and split it. "Here." she stated as she handed me the black piece. I put it on and she did the same with my jacket. I cheeked the time. "I'm sorry Stevie but I have a meeting and I can't be late," I apologize and she peeked my cheek saying, "Hope to aee you again another day." I smiled and left.

Stevie POV

It was nice. Now I now famous people that aren't pricks. I'm going to get in trouble when I get home. I walked down stairs when he left. I saw the guys of One Direction. I like there music and The Wanted hates them. I jogged down the stairs and saw them cleaning. "Hey weren't you locking lips with Justin last night?" Asked Zayn. "That's not the only thing they did." Teased Niall. I laughed and properly introduced myself. "I'm Stevie," "I'm Liam. Niall. Zayn. Harry. And Louis is somewhere." He stated. "I know. Max, Siva, Jay, Nathan and Tom are always talking about how they hate you guys." I shouldn't of said that. "You know those jerks?" Asked Harry. "I put up with them." I sighed. "Do you live with them then?" Asked Zayn. "Yup. I hate those pricks," I stated. I started picking up some trash. "You don't have to help Stevie," Liam insisted. "But I want to," I replied and grabbed the broom. I swept everything on the floor into a pile and helped throw all the bottles and cups away. "Was there cake last night?" I asked. "There still is." Replied Liam. "To busy with Justin last night." Zayn joked. Niall came in with a plate of cake a few minutes later. "Here you go," he said after eating a bit of the icing. "You look a bit young to be having sex," blurted Harry. "He's right" added Liam. "Yeah, but I do stuff I'm not suppose to." I replied feeling a bit shamed. "Why?" Asked Zayn. "Because I just do. No difference in what Siva did to me before the party" I said barely above a whisper. "What?!" They all questioned. They knew what I said just couldn't believe it. Niall then just hugged me. "How old are you then?" Asked Harry. "Fourteen," I mumbled. They were stunned. "How long have you lived with them?" Asked Niall. "About ten years," I replied and the cake started tasting bitter to me. I started chewing strangely. "Is the cake bad?" Asked Liam. "No. It's just my taste buds are making it bitter." I replied. I sat the cake on the coffee table and kept cleaning. "Did you ever end up pregnant?" Asked Harry. Out of the blue question. -.- I sighed. "I did. It was Max's but he planned for me to have a miscarriage." His jaw dropped. "Whoa." I heard from behind me. Niall, Zayn and Liam heard what I said. "Excuse me for a moment," I said and ran to the bathroom. I put the lid down and sat on the toilet. I started crying again. Funny how when I cry I always rush to the bathroom. I heard a knock on the door minutes later. "Stevie you alright you've been in there for over twenty minutes?" asked Liam. "Yeah I'm f-" I was cut off as I felt sick. My stomach felt weird and I started to trow up in the toilet. The door opened and Liam kelt down next to me. He rubbed my back as I kept throwing up. He stepped back when I got up. "I'm alright," I assured him and asked for a minute. He left and I looked in the mirror. What a mess up. Look at me. I sighed and rinsed out my mouth. I walked back out. 

Liam POV

"Was she alright?" Asked Niall. "She was throwing up." I replied as I kept cleaning. She walked back in. "You alright?" Asked Zayn. "I'll pull through," she stated and went to clean the mirrors. She started humming. You started to make out the song, "Treasure that is what you are. You're my golden star. To make my wish come true. Let me treasure you. You are my treasure-" "Do you like to sing?" Asked Niall. "Yeah. It's fun," she stated as she threw a few napkins away. "What are your favorite songs?" I asked. "Treasure. I love it. You Found Me. My Immortal and I Need Your Love. I can't even choose three." She smiled. "Hey you guys um can I get your numbers?" I asked. "Sure." They grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote their numbers down. "Thank you I have to go but I'll try to hang out with y'all another time," she said and hugged each of us then left.

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