Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


4. Leaving /.\

Harry POV

"Well. You guys. C'mon we have to go get her." I stated. "Almost everyone buys the gurls from Mama Rose." Said Zayn. I nodded and waited for the others to get ready to go. We are still in New York and are suppose to be at the airport. We have to buy a ticket for the girl. "Ready?" I asked as they walked out. "Alright Liam is driving." I stated and we left the hotel with our thinhs. I decided to tweet something. 'So happy to be going back to England. On out way to the airport.' TWEET. Immediately people started responding. Wow. We got in the van and headed to Rose's house and knocked on the door. 

Jacey POV

I woke up early to get ready and make pancakes for everyone. I got ready first. I took a nice shower first and dried off. I was wearing skinny jeans and a blue aero shirt. I grabbed the white jacket I bought yesterday too. I also slipped on some adida high tops. :) :) :) I fixed my curly hair and started making stupid faces in the mirror. Sorry it's a habit. I put on the necklace that Mama picked out and earings with four bracelets. I grabbed the one she gave me back yesterday. It must've been loose when I was little. I put it on too. As I ran downstairs I heard a knock at the door. I walked towards it and answered. "Is Mama Rose here?" asked a boy with black hair. "I'll go get her." I replied and ran up to Mama's room and she came down stairs. They all walked in amd sat down in the living room. "Would you five like to have some pancakes?" I asked politely. "Yes. Thank you" said A boy with brown hair and blue yes. Where have I seen them before. I grabbed the necklace around my neck. Of course that's who they are. "One Direction" I mumbled. I made a lot of pancakes enough for the girl and members of One Direction. There may even be some left over. I set up the table and added plates. I went and anounced that breakfast was ready over the intercom. They all came including our guest. We all sat and I put the syrup on the table. We always had a lot of everything. We ate especially the blonde boy. "So which one is the girl we are getting?" Asked Harry, I think. The blonde one is Niall, Black haired is Zayn, brown hair and eyes is Liam, brown hair and blue eyes is Louis, and Harry is curly haired. Yeah that was Harry. Mama cleaned her mouth and said, "Jacey is the one you are taking." "Who?" Asked Zayn? Yeah, Zayn. "The girl who made the breakfast." She added smiling and stood up and walked behind me. "This talented flower." She said as she shrugged my shoulders. I bushed a bit and she walked back to the her seat and the guys kept looking at me and eating too. "Hey the pancakes are really good." Stated Liam. I smiled and said thank you. I pulled out of my chair and set my plate in the sink. "Jacey. Go get your stuff ready." Said Mama. I did what she said.

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