Kiss Me Slowly

I was best friends with Niall Horan and was like a little sister to the rest of the boys in One Direction. But that was it. A little sister. That was all he would see me as. He as in the curly haired one. The one with the dimples and the four nipples. He as in the guy I'm in love with.


5. Over Again

Dylan's POV

I sat on a bench in a park that I used to go to all the time before Niall entered X Factor. Since we were in Dublin, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane. I didn't know what happened back in the hotel. I just couldn't take it anymore. It was like all my feelings towards Harry just bursted out of me.

"Niall told me I could find you here." Someone said behind me.

I recognised that voice. I rolled my eyes. Now he was following me?

I turned around to see Harry standing there in grey trackies, a navy jumper and his dark green beanie. 

"Can I join you?" He asked me softly.

I nodded and he walked over to me and sat next to me. We were so close that our shoulders was just touching. I got the shivers as I looked at him.

"Are you cold?" He said to me and without a reply from me, he took off his navy jumper and placed it on my shoulders.

"Thanks" I muttered softly.

"Dyl," He started before taking a deep breath. "What I said yesterday to Niall in the kitchen about you... I really meant it. I know that last night, it may not have seemed it, but I really did."

I didn't reply. Instead I just looked ahead while I felt him staring at me.

"Um," He continued. "Ok, you don't have to say anything but just tell me one thing, if you still have feelings for me or not. Because if not, I'll leave you alone and I promise to stop bugging you, but-"

I cut him off. "Harry, I've had feelings for you for so long. I just don't know that now, with you telling me this, if we would actually work. I mean, what if it ruins our friendship? And I really don't want to get hurt. Maybe we're just better off being on our own." I looked down.

Harry lifted my chin with his warm hands and turned my face so I faced him.

"Dyl, I know all that there is to know about you. I know that you crinkle your nose when you find something weird, I know you have 3 types of laughs. One when you genuinely think something is funny, one when you're being polite and one when you feel like annoying people. I know that you hate tomato and olives and always pick them out of your food. I know that whenever you swear, you blink twice. I know that your favourite piece of clothing is your dinosaur onesie and I even know that you only wear black socks with your vans."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" I whispered.

He brushed my hair behind my ears. "It means," He paused and leant over, our faces inches apart. "That I will never hurt you or let you down."

My lips trembled as he leant in closer and closer. My eyes were closed and I didn't move as he kissed my lips softly before pulling away again.

I slowly opened my eyes. I didn't know what I was feeling right now. I was feeling so much love and was scared at the same time. Scared of getting hurt by Harry. Part of me believed what he said but the other half said to not give in. 

Finally, I found myself saying "I believe you." ever so quietly.

It took a second before Harry's face lit up. 

"So you're not mad anymore?" He grinned and I giggled and shook my head as he pulled me into him. I squealed as he rubbed my head and kissed it.

He let go of me and I turned to face him. I looked into his green eyes and all of a sudden, it felt like I was falling for him all over again. 

He kissed me and it felt like I was in heaven.

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