Kiss Me Slowly

I was best friends with Niall Horan and was like a little sister to the rest of the boys in One Direction. But that was it. A little sister. That was all he would see me as. He as in the curly haired one. The one with the dimples and the four nipples. He as in the guy I'm in love with.


14. Just Leave

Dylan's POV

I woke up in bed with Harry's arms wrapped tightly around me.

"Harry" I moaned and slowly untangled from him.

"Mmm" He groaned in reply.

I shook him until he woke up.

"Harry, do you want to do something today?" I asked him.

It took a moment for him to reply. "Um sorry babe, I made plans with Aimee to watch a movie."

"Oh" I said in disappointment. "Ok then, have fun."

"But I'm free tonight, we can go grab takeaway and stay in?" He suggested and I smiled.

"Sounds great" I replied and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll meet you back here at 6"


I spent the day in the hotel suite, watching movies and looking at the fan's tweets on twitter. There were a lot of hate mail directed to me but I rolled my eyes at them and scrolled past them.

Suddenly, something caught my eye. The usernamewas @aimeestyles1.

My eyes widened as I clicked onto her profile. I looked closer at her profile picture. She had long black hair and looked exactly like... Aimee. As in Harry's new friend.

I scrolled through her tweets.

@aimeestyles1: can dylan just go and die please? harry's mine! xxxxxxx

@aimeestyles: spending a day with harry hehe that's right bitches! xxxx

I covered my mouth. Oh my gosh. Harry was spending a day with a crazy fan who's trying to steal him away from me. And that's when I remembered. I remembered where I saw her. It was at a signing a while back when I went with the lads. She came up to me with a friend and started yelling at me saying I wasn't good enough for Harry and all that shit.

I grabbed my phone and called Harry. It went straight to voicemail. I called again a couple of times when I heard something ringing in the bedroom. I followed the noise to find Harry's phone lying on the bed. I groaned. He must've forgotten to bring it with him. I called El.

"Hey Dyl! I was just-"

I interrupted her. "EL! COME TO MY HOTEL RIGHT NOW!" I shouted to her. "I HAVE TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING!"

She heard the panic in my voice. 

"I'll be right there babe" She replied and we hung up.


Niall's POV

I was heading out the hotel to play a bit of soccer with Louis and Liam when I suddenly saw the girl from last night who I spilt coffee all over.

"Hey guys wait up." I said to Louis before walking over to the girl.

"Hi" I smiled.

"Um sorry, do I know you?" She replied.

I chuckled. "I was the idiot who spilt coffee all over you last night."

She thought for a moment before realising who I was. "Ohh! Right! I'm so sorry about my whole overreaction thing. I was really late for a meeting and I found out my boyfriend cheated on me." She said to me.

"Oh I'm so sorry," I replied to her.

"Nah it's all good, he was a dick anyways." She smiled at me.

There was a bit of silence.

I coughed. "So um... is it too early for me to ask for your number?"

She giggled. "A little bit, but after the way I treated you last night, I feel like I owe you something."

I grinned and handed her my phone. She typed her number in and added it as Jadyn :) before handing it back to me.

"I'm Niall" I said. "It's nice to meet you Jadyn, that's a lovely name."

She smiled at me. "Thank you"

"So uh... do you want to maybe grab some lunch sometime maybe?" I asked, sounding quite hopeful. I must admit, I was shitting myself inside. She was too beautiful to go out with someone like me. But I thought I would give it a shot.

She laughed. "It's a bit too early for that Niall, but maybe soon, I would love to"

"Great!" I replied maybe a little bit too excitedly because she just laughed. "Um, well I should probably get going. My friends are waiting for me." I pointed at Louis and Liam.

She looked over at them who were staring at us and waved.

"See ya around, Jadyn" I said as I walked away and tripped. I looked up at her. "Haha, I planned that." I hoped she didn't see my face going red.

She covered her mouth as she tried not to laugh."Yeah I'm sure, bye Niall." She smiled back.

She headed into the hotel and I went and joined Louis and Liam.

"Yes!" I said excitedly as I jumped in between them and ruffled their hair.

"Well you seem quite cheery Nialler, who was that girl?" Liam asked me.

"That was just someone I met" I replied.

"You looked pretty into her." Louis winked.

I didn't reply. Instead, I just grinned.


Harry's POV

I met up with Aimee at the theatre. Girls were starting to crowd around me so we rushed inside and bought out tickets.

We made our way in the cinema. We decided to Evil Dead since we both loved horror films.

"So how's Dylan?" She asked me while the ads were playing on the big screen.

I nodded. "She's good, I'm meeting up with her tonight to just have some alone time with her. We haven't done that in a while."

She smiled. "Sounds like an exciting night."

The movie started and it was pretty scary. I looked over at Aimee who was really into the film. I smiled. She was such a nice girl.

Suddenly there was a loud scream in the film, causing me to snap out of my thoughts. Aimee grabbed onto my arm and placed her head on my shoulders as she let out a small yelp.

I chuckled. After a while, she still didn't let go of my arm and I felt a little awkward. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want to make her feel awkward too. So I smiled at her and continued watching the movie.


Aimee's POV

This was the best day ever! I was at the movies with Harry Styles and I was holding onto his arm. It took everything in me to not jump up and squeal as loud as I could.

But soon, the movie finished and we headed out. A few girls stopped us to take photos with Harry. They gave me a questioning look as if they were saying 'Where's Dylan' but I smiled at them trying to be as friendly as I could.

"I should probably get going then" Harry said to me. 

I nodded. "Sure, you don't want to keep Dylan waiting." I wanted to do something to make him spend more time with me so when my phone beeped, I knew that that was my chance.

"Shit!" I said pretending to look sad when really it was a text from my mum asking about dinner next week.

"What's wrong Aimee?" Harry looked at me quite concerned.

"Nothing" I shook my head. "It's just... my cat ran away and my roommate can't find her anywhere."

"Oh no" He said. "Um is there anything I could do? Maybe I could look for it with you?" He put his hand on my shoulder.

"Are you sure? Don't you have to meet Dylan?" I asked with the most innocent voice.

"Yeah, but she won't mind." He smiled at me. "Come on, let's go!"

I got in his car and directed him back to my flat.

We walked around the park nearby as he called for my cat, Flora. The truth is, I didn't have a cat, but he didn't know that.

He looked around as I made conversation with him. He told me about his band as I nodded, pretending to act interested when the truth was, I knew everything he told me.

Soon, it was starting to get dark and we weren't going to find Flora anywhere so he walked me back to my apartment building.

"I'm so sorry we couldn't find Flora." He said to me and I pretended to look sad.

"It's alright. I'll have a look tomorrow." I replied.

He hugged me. "Well, I'm here if you ever need anything."

"Thanks Harry" I replied and was about to kiss him on the lips when he moved his face so my lips landed on his cheek.

He coughed. "Uh well.. bye Aimee."

I smiled as he got in his car and drove off. I can't believe I tried to kiss him on the lips! Too soon Aimee, too soon.


Dylan's POV

"THAT BITCH!" Eleanor yelled when I told her about Aimee.

I laughed at how angry she looked. "I know right! She had everyone fooled!"

Eleanor stayed for a bit and we chatted about how I would tell Harry before she left to go hang out with Louis.

"Good luck Dyl!" She hugged me. "Kill that bitch!"

I giggled. "Thank's El, and thanks for having my back." I said before I closed the door.


It was 7pm and Harry was an hour late.  So I decided to check twitter to see where he was at when I saw a picture. It was of Aimee kissing him that was posted 10 minutes ago and taken outside her apartment.

At around 7:10pm, he walked through the door.

"I know I was late and I'm sorry." He said as he came over and kissed me.

I turned away.

"What's wrong babe?" He asked, knowing that I was mad.

I pointed to the photo on the screen without saying a word.

He sighed. "She kissed me and I turned my cheek. It's not what it looks like."

"And why were you late then?" I cried out.

"I was helping her find her cat! I thought you wouldn't mind." He replied.

"Well I do." I shouted. "And are you sure she even has a cat! Is Aimee even her real name?!"

"What are you trying to say Dyl! That she's a spy or something!" He yelled back. "God! I'm so sick of you overreacting over everything! If you're jealous, just say something instead of accusing me for something I didn't do!"

"I'm not jealous Harry!!" I shouted. "She's not who you think she is!"

"What are you talking about? Can't I just have a friend who's a girl? Do I really have to spend every second with you!" He shouted at me.

"Oh my god Harry! I can't even deal with this. You're so up yourself!" I grabbed my phone and wallet before heading to the door. 

"Just leave then" He said quietly. "Maybe we need a break."

I looked at him. "Maybe we do." I said before slamming the door behind me.

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