Kiss Me Slowly

I was best friends with Niall Horan and was like a little sister to the rest of the boys in One Direction. But that was it. A little sister. That was all he would see me as. He as in the curly haired one. The one with the dimples and the four nipples. He as in the guy I'm in love with.


20. I Can't Do This Anymore

Dylan's POV

When I woke up in the morning, I rolled over to find an empty space next to me. That only meant that Harry didn't come home last night. I sighed to myself and got out of bed. I made my way to the kitchen and saw Louis making breakfast. 
"Morning Dyl" He smiled at me when he saw me.
"Hey Louis, do you know where Harry is?" I asked him.

Suddenly, Louis looked really distant. "Uh I don't know. I haven't seen him since last night before you left." He cleared his throat. "So do you want some breakfast?"
I looked at him weirdly. "Um... sure" I smiled as he handed me a plate of bacon and eggs. We sat in the living room of the hotel suite eating our breakfast slowly with a silence between us.
"Sooo, what are you planning to do today?" He broke the silence.
"I don't really know" I shrugged. I was still thinking about my phone call last night with my mum. I was so confused and I didn't know what to do. I really needed to talk to Harry. 

I quickly finished my breakfast and put my plate and cutlery in the dishwasher. "Are you sure you don't know where Harry is?" I asked Louis and he quickly shook his head.

"Sorry Dyl," He stood up and made his way to the kitchen to join me. "But if you want to join later, Liam, Niall and I are going to play some soccer. You haven't been in a while. You should come!" He suggested.

"I don't know" I replied. "Maybe I should call Harry. I really need to talk to him." I was about to take my phone out when Louis grabbed my phone.

"Wait!" He shouted which made me jump. 

"What is it?" I said back to him, sounding quite annoyed. I was starting to get really mad. Louis was obviously not telling me something. He was horrible at lying!

"You can't call Harry!" He replied.

"Why not?" 

"Um...he has-"

I cut him off. "Louis, you obviously know something that I don't! Tell me!" I argued.


Louis' POV

Shit. Dylan's onto me. And I knew I sucked at lying. I had to do something.

"Louis!" She argued. "You obviously know something I don't! Tell me!"

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't just blurt out that Harry left the club last night with a random girl. Who know's what they did?

Suddenly, thank you god! Liam came into the kitchen. "Morning guys!" He chirped.

"Hey Liam" I smiled at him and Dylan just looked mad.

"Is everything ok Dyl?" Liam asked her.

She huffed. "Why don't you ask Louis?" She snapped before storming off.

Liam came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. "What's up mate?"

I shook my head and made my way back to my room. I was going to kill Harry when I saw him!


Dylan's POV

I had a shower to try and calm myself. There was so much running through my mind. I got into Harvard, I didn't know where Harry was and I didn't know where we stood after what he said to me last night at the club.

I got changed into my skinny denim jeans and white t-shirt. I dried my hair and put on my white converses. I heard the door slam which meant Louis, Liam and Niall left to go play soccer. 

I suddenly realised to myself, I needed coffee! I was still tired from last night. I grabbed my phone and keys before heading out the door. As I opened the front door, Harry slammed into me.

"Shit!" He cried out and looked down at me. "Oh, um morning Dyl" He said, trying to smile.

"Harry!"I hugged him. "Where were you last night? I was so worried when you weren't here this morning!"

He didn't reply and made his way past me. "Sorry, I was just out."

I walked over to him. I took his hand and looked into his eyes. "Harry, look-"

He interrupted me. "I slept with someone" He blurted out.


Harry's POV

Last night was such a blur. I didn't even know how I ended up at that girl's house, but the next thing I knew, we were in her bed, having hot sex. I didn't tell her I had a girlfriend, I was too distracted by her kisses on me. 

But when I woke up this morning, I felt horrible. I felt sick in my stomach. I turned over and saw the girl, Courtney sleeping peacefully. I quietly got out of the bed and got dressed before leaving her apartment without saying anything. I went to the supermarket and quickly bought a drink. As I was paying, I caught a glimpse of the magazines.




I groaned to myself. Great. The whole world will know about this before Dylan does.

I rushed back to the apartment. I had a massive headache and I just felt like sleeping. Things were so messy with Dylan. After what happened last night, I didn't know where we stood anymore.

When I blurted it out to Dylan, I was in shock. It just slipped out of my mouth.

She dropped my hands and took a step back. "H-Harry" She hesitated. "Y-you what?"

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "Look, I got pretty wasted at the club last night and this girl came up to me asked me to get out of there with her. The next thing I knew, we were-"

"I can't believe this" She said softly, interrupting me. "I-I c-can't..." She trailed off.

I stood there without making a move. "I'm sorry Dyl, I just wanted you to know. I never meant to hurt you. It's just you know, I'm in a really bad place right now. You know, with my mum..."

She shook her head as tears started to fall from her tired eyes. "Harry, I know you're in a bad place, but that's n-no e-excuse. I-I lost my virginity to y-you." 

I didn't reply and she continued calmly. "I'm sorry Harry but I've given you so many chances and I'm just tired of this. I can't do this anymore." Then she added softly. "I'm done." before walking out the door.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Dylan was the best thing to have happened to me. Even Louis warned me, but I didn't listen. And now, I had finally lost her. 

I knew that I should've ran after her and stopped her, but she was right. She had given me so many chances and time after time, I've just fucked it up. 

It was over and I couldn't do anything about it. As the door slammed behind her, I was left with nothing but tears running down my face.



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