random shizz :)

as it says in the title random shizz i do take request but they aren't gonna be very long
all i need is your name age and the plot


4. Harry the catterpila

harry the catterpillar's POV*

it was today whne i was born, 15th june 2000 and today i was turning 13 and i was having my friedn elise the fluffy  catterpilla, she was gonna turn into a butterfuly soon and i was gonna miss her


my door bell rang and it was else, i wriggled my way over to the door and opened it

"hey haz2 she saiad smiling qat me

"hey elsiee" i said back to he r"do you wanna leaf?" i aksed her looking to the tbale piled high with leaves

"yeah sure" she said and wriggled her way over to the table adn crawled up the table and started eating the leaves and i followed her and joined her eating the leaves

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