Too young

Jamie-lee and Niall were neighbourhood sweetheart at the age on 12, But
when Jamie's dad got a promotion in the big city, the ship up and move leaving Niall
brokenhearted... But when they are re-united 16 years later, or will Niall be to busy to "fall in love."


3. Promotion


"JAMIE", as I walked up the dirt road holding hands with Niall I stopped

"Did you hear my name?" I asked curiously 

"Uhh... No I didn't why?" 

"Ohh no reason just thought I heard something that's all"

"JAMIE-LEE WESLOCK" yelled my dad

"I told you I heard something" I said pushing Niall away 

"Yes daddy" I said innocently

"Come inside please your mother and I have something we would like to discuss with you" he said rather nervously.

Walking beside my father he grabbed my hand

"Uhh dad..."

"Yea" he said

i gave him hints by looking at our hands 

"Ohh sorry pumpkin" 

"I keep on forgetting your not my baby anymore" he said

















i groaned, rolled my eyes and waved back to Niall who was still standing halfway up the dirt road, watching me walk to my house I used my hands as signalled holding up to fingers he gave

me a thumbs up and sat at our table




"Marley, Jamie, Dillon, please sit down your father and I have something very important we have to discuss with you" said my mother 

As the oldest child I had to be the strongest but I could tell something was wrong in my mothers eyes

"Uhh we don't know how to tell you but um..." Said our mother

"oh get to the friggin chase Mandi?" my father said violently.

"umm" my mother repeated.

My mum and dad had been together for 32 years and he worked in a very good job but he seemed very agitated lately... Maybe it was because he worked 29 hours straight yesterday I'm not sure?

"Well kids... I got a promotion in New York and your mother and I have been talking and we've decided that I take it... Is that okay" asked dad

Dillon and Marley jumped up and down with joy.

"This means we will be moving... In 20 days" said mother I felt the sorriness in her eyes as she glanced at me

"I...I...Wha...NO WE CAN'T MOVE" I yelled

I got up and ran to Niall  running into his arms 

"What's up" he asked very curiously

"I...I...WE" I stutted

"Tell me honey?" He said

"We have to move" I whispered

"Well that's not that bad is it" 

"We are moving to... New York... That's in America... We live in London and in 20 days"


i was to ashamed to look up at him I just layed in his chest sobbing like I've just lost a relative

Niall gently stroked my chin before pulling in up so we locked eyes

he leant in and kissed me on the lips then whispered

"It's going to be fine babe... I promise"



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