Sway sway

My name is kaycia. I live in a old tattered house with my mum not knowing where my dad is. He left my mum when I was 1 and I never saw him again. I am a 15 year old teenage girl with lots of loving friends at school. I finished dinner with my mum and went outside for a walk because my tummy was upset. I heard a gunshot, my body automatically froze and my eyes scanned the area but no one was there. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach...........


2. Escape

After a few but long, scary minutes I finally thought of a plan to run home and basically never go outside again. "I need to go to the bathroom" I told this brown haired Harry boy. We pulled up on the side of the road and he let me out. "Don't go to far" he said in a stern voice. I laughed inside. I walked for a little bit and when I got into a good distance from them I broke into a sprint. I was running so fast I couldn't feel my legs even running but I just kept going and I felt like I was flying. I found a way out of this forest shit and ran towards a city. There were lights houses, shops, I could see it all from a far distance. I tripped over something and had bad grazes on my arms, close to my thighs, and my head. For god sake kaycia I said to myself. I look up and then there was this random guy that just came and stood right in front of me out of nowhere. I accidentally screamed and backed away. He stared at me, evilly laugh for a bit and grabbed my wrist and pulled me up, but he wouldn't let go of my wrist. I start to get scared. Is he also working with the guy that shot me before? Good job kaycia, nice one with your stupid thinking that you could go home and see mum again. All I wanted is to go home. For everything to be normal for the past 15 years. I wanted to see my friends again, enjoy my time at home and school. A tear rolled down my face. And the guy finally spoke. "What's the matter? Never seen a vampire before?" He smiled. Oh fuck no! This bitch wasn't kidding!  How the fuck is this possible, they don't exist! There are only humans and fan girls!  "So you haven't..? Let me demonstrate what vampires do to girls that are found in the forest" and he started pulling me away from the road. I started screaming and yelling for help like I did before again nobody heard me. I'm so stupid for thinking to get away from them now I got someone else onto me.  Suddenly someone quickly smashed this guy to a tree and he was immediately knocked out. That's good. Seen enough red eyes for the first time and that's enough for the rest of my life. Who knocked him out? Holy shit that was quick and faster than a normal human. "I told you not to go far!" Oh shit. I'm in trouble now. I turn around and wey hey look at that Harry was standing there clenching his fists. I didn't say anything for a while and he spoke again "that man was very dangerous! He could of killed you" he was practically shouting at me. He looked into my eyes and I have to be honest here, I know he's going to kill me but he had the most amazing glowing green eyes I have ever seen in my whole life.  I don't think there could be any other living person alive that had eyes better than his. I randomly felt extremely light headed and sick and fell to the floor. I tried to get up but Harry pushed me on the floor again. "This is what happens when you don't listen to me!" He said angrily. Oh my god oh my god oh my god he is going to kill me these are going to be the last few seconds of my life. In my head I was wishing my friends and family to have a happy rest of their lives and I love them all. He pinned my arms to the ground so I couldn't try to fight back although I am a weak 15 year old that needs to start lifting very very soon. Is this kid human like holy shit because after seeing that vampires do exist I very highly doubt he is. I felt like a bolt of electricity just shook through my body and he was doing the thing that he did in the car before the only difference is that IT WAS 50x MORE FUCKING PAINFUL. Holy shit it's worse than getting 928381 injections at the same time. It was so painful I knew straight away I was going to die. I unexpectedly screamed and It was 10x louder than before in the car. I told him to stop 3 times but he didn't listen. What the fuck was he doing. I tried to sit upright to see what he was doing because I'm feeling sharp pains and I can't tell if I was being stabbed, injected with deadly poison or if he was doing fuck knows but the same thing in the car. I looked, what the motherfuck, he's licking my wounds? Ok that is just some weird ass shit. But that weird ass shit was painful. I turned my head sideways so he wouldn't see the wound and try to kill me with his so called magical healing powers. My dimples were problay filled with my tears and I could start swimming with mermaids in them. Why do vampires have to exist in our planet but not unicorns and mermaids? What's next, slender man is going to kill me? Because I think so. He finally stopped and I felt so good that he had. I felt like my body is melting through the floor. He got up and pinned my arms down to the floor harder and my eyes met his and our noses almost touched he carefully turned my head with one finger. Oh great he already knew. I'm not gonna get away with anything with this guy, he reached in and I clenched my fists so hard and he stopped. I could see he was starting to feel sorry but then he probably realised that this was my punishment. So he continued healing me. "FFFFUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK" I screamed out releasing the pain as if that would stop it. God I really do need to start weight lifting. But then again he's so strong that lifting would still make me extremely weak. Even if I could lift 100 kilos with one hand. When he finally stopped again he looked back in my eyes and wiped his thumb across my face to wipe off my tears. He then got off me and helped me up.  We walked back somewhere and I saw Niall on his phone. He pressed a button and it made a lock sound. This reminded me that I should of taken my phone when I went for a walk so I could of called for help! Grrrr why am I so stupid and forgetful?! They opened the door so I could get in the van but I looked away. "Are you going.. To kill me.." I said in a scared and shaky voice. "No.. Why would I want to kill you if I healed you.." Said Harry. I knew he meant it and wasn't lying for sure. "Wait.." I said. "You're not human.. What are you..?" I questioned. Harry sighed and Niall took a tiny step forward. He then looked at Harry. "Go on.. Tell her" Niall said kind of quietly, Harry took a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak. "Niall and i.., are demons" he paused. I knew he had more to say. But I was so shocked that my body completely froze and it just wouldn't allow me to move at all.  I realised how much these guys are taller than me and that just got me more terrified. "When we get to our house" he began again "you will see 3 other guys. Their names are Louis, zayn and Liam. They are also demons, but they are our best friends, almost like brothers. We have to take you away from home to keep you safe, all 5 of us need to protect you" he finished. "Protect me from what?" I asked. Niall stepped foward and spoke. "Well you see, drinks your blood, they will become stronger and if someone -" stronger? I accidentally interrupted. "Yes, and a kiss makes us even stronger.." He stopped and got back to what he was saying before "if someone sleeps with you and makes you their bride they will live forever, but if someone kills you and drinks your blood, they will live a very long life" when Niall finished my legs gave up under me and I fell to the floor. "Why... Why me.. Out of all the millions of girls in the world... Why me..??" I start to tear up again. "You are the chosen one for the people that are not human, you are more valuable than gold today.." I put my head in my hands knowing that I could die anytime, any day. "We're here to protect you" said Harry as he helped me up. Then he hugged me and it felt great hugging someone 80x taller than me. "Please don't believe we are going to kill you, we would never do that you are so beautiful and it's our job and a big responsibility to take care of you." He said as He was still hugging me. I knew he wasn't lying for sure. We all got in the van and Niall started to drive again. 

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