This is called just jump (let me guess NO SHIT SHERLOC) well I was just repeating the name anyway. I have wrote this bout all the boys but mainly louis and his new lady-friend Amber.
love yoyu my sexy ninjas!!!! xx


8. Wedding!!




 Amber's P.O.V.

  I am shitting myself. Me and the girls are just painting our nails. Louis stayed on the sofa last night. He was saying it is bad luck to see the bride on the wedding day which I understand as I believe in bad luck but only this type of bad luck. Louis was gone but the time I woke up at 4:30am. He left me a cute note saying he got me a surprise!! cant wait to see what it is. The girls came to mine at 5:00. We have got our dresses ready  to slip into and our hair and make up done. I am just finishing Abby's nails. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "coming!!" I said as I finished her nails off. I opened the door to a goofy  smiling Liam. "First of your many surprises is this young lady and 2 boxes" Liam said stepping to the side. OMG!! "JADE" I screeched grabbing my twin in to a massive hug. Abby rushed to my side and gave her a hug after I released her. Abby went to school with me and Jade. Her and Jade were good friends. Jade came in and explained that Louis told her she was a bridesmaid. In one box was her bridesmaid dress. (Which I aloud Louis to see what they  looked like. He actually picked them. I texted Louis and thanked him and all he said was that there is more  to come. We are all ready now. Harry said he would walk me down the isle cuz him and I was the closest. There was a knock at the door. Harry was there with...... OMG! DEREK!!! Mine and Jade's older brother. He left for the army. I hugged him tight and I nearly suffocated him. " I am not walking you down the isle my love, he is, this is another part of Louis' plan." Harry stated. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, wished me luck and left.




Everyone started walking down the isle each paired with one of the boys. (niall and Abby, Danni and Liam, harry and jade and zany and Charlie.)


Then it was mine and Derek's turn. We walked down the isle. I could see the smirk on Louis' face., Derek kissed my cheek and place my hand in Louis'.



      (BORING BIT)


" You may now kiss the bride" The priest said closing is book. With no hesitation we kissed passionately. Sparks flew like the first time I kissed him. It was magical.......






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