This is called just jump (let me guess NO SHIT SHERLOC) well I was just repeating the name anyway. I have wrote this bout all the boys but mainly louis and his new lady-friend Amber.
love yoyu my sexy ninjas!!!! xx


1. Just drive right in!

Amber's P.O.V

   "NO LOUIS!! PUT ME DOWN!!!" Me, Louis and the boys were ate the pool. Everyone wasn't in trucks or swimming gear but me and Louis. Everyone went inside to get food and drinks but me and Louis stayed outside. He has now got me flung over his shoulder. That teachs me to stay with him on our own next to a pool. "LOU---" I was cut off by a massive splash. He just threw me into the pool. just as I came up to surface I was dragged under again by Louis. He kissed my passionately and I imedately kissed him back. Our lips were synced. We came back up to suface to 3 boys staring at us 1 boy grinning ear to ear nodding his head alittle. "I got Amber wet!!!" Louis screamed with an evil look on his face. Everyone started laughing. Then me and Louis looked at each other looked at the 4 eating boys who were still by the pool chatting and then looked at each other again. Me and Louis always have the same ideas and this idea was guineus!! We got out and the boys did not notice so I went behind Niall and Liam and Louis went behind Harry and zayn then we nodded at each other and pushed them into the pool and jumped in after us. Zayn was really pissed cuz we ruined his hair but oh well it was funny. We all had a great time after that and no one left the pool unless the needed to pee!


*A couple of hours*


"Come on Amber! Jesus I dont even take that long to do my hair!!! " zayn screamed up the stairs. We are all going out for dinner. Me and Louis live together the others have thier own flat.All the boys are at our house cuz we have the pool and it is bigger than their flats so we are not always squished. "OKAY, OKAY I COMING!" I shouted back down. We were going out to celebrate mine nd louis 3 year anniversery!!!! So long and I remember our first date which was also our first kiss!!!



  WOW she is smoking. Ovbs I thought Amber was hot and beautiful but in that dress I got her she looked amazing when she walked down the stairs. All the boys were staring at her. I walked up to and linked our arms. " She's Mine!" I stated causing her to giggle. The boys chuckled as we left.



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