This is called just jump (let me guess NO SHIT SHERLOC) well I was just repeating the name anyway. I have wrote this bout all the boys but mainly louis and his new lady-friend Amber.
love yoyu my sexy ninjas!!!! xx


2. Here it comes!!

Louis's p.o.v

 I am so nervous. We are just arriving at the restaurant and my I kinda freaking out inside but i am trying my best not to show it. " Louis are you alright, you look worried?" Shit  Amber noticied. " yeah hun, just don't wanna be bugged by the papz or mobbed by fans, that's all." I simply replied and intwined our fingers. Man I love this girl more than anything I have every loved. Dare I say it but I love her more than stripes, carrots and kevin all together. I really do. I love her and tonight I am planning on purposing to her. Hense why I am so nervous. My plan is to have dinner then the boys will go home (they are in on this plan) and me and Amber will go to the park down the road from our house and I will purpoe. I also have a back up plan. If I get to impatient I will order a glass of water which is cue for the boys to leave so I can talk to Amber alone and purpose. Either way one of the boys are going to stalk and video us. I want to capture this on tape. I just hope she says yes......

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