This is called just jump (let me guess NO SHIT SHERLOC) well I was just repeating the name anyway. I have wrote this bout all the boys but mainly louis and his new lady-friend Amber.
love yoyu my sexy ninjas!!!! xx


4. Had Fun!!

I woke up this morning naked and mine and louis' bodies interlocked him also naked. "Morning Beautiful." He said in his morning voice. " Morning Handsome." I said pecking his nose. " I am gonna have a shower alright hun, then you can when I make some breakfast, Okay? " He said. How sweet. "Okay hun" He rolled on top of me and kissed me on the lips. "Might wanna close ur eyes we had a fun night." He stated. " Nothing that I have not seen before boo bear." Which caused him to smirk and quickly peck me on the lips and head towards the shower.

* He came out of shower and I have just got in*

 "PANCAKES HUN?" He shouted up the stairs. "YEAH!" I shouted back as  was putting shampoo in my hair.


  Louis' p.o.v.

Last night was great. Amber seems to have enjoyed the night has she has not stopped smiling all morning. I am glad she did enjoy it. I know I did. "Pancakes mi'lady." I said passing her pancakes to her in a posh voice. " Why, thank you sir!" she also did a posh voice which I found extremely sexy!


Ambr's p.o.v.


 It is so sexy when he does a posh voice.


"I'll get it!" I shouted as a shoved the lat bit of the delicious pancake in my mouth. "HEEEEEEYYYY!!!" The boys shouted at the top of their voices. "HEY!" I heard Louis yell from the kitchen. "Hey boys!" I gave each of them a hug as they walked in.


Harry's p.o.v.


I could tell they had fun last night by the smile on Amber's face. And Louis walked in and hugged Amber from behnd with the biggest smirk ever on his face. "so what did you guys do last night, huh?" I had to ask and all I got was 2 death glares and me and 3 boys laughing. I could not hold that question in any longer and none of the others were gonna ask. " Anyone wanna watch a movie?" Amber chaging the subject heading to te dvd's hitting me in the process.


 "I'll get it!" Louis and Amber and at same time. Suddenly they raced to the door and Amber won. Suddenly there was a load of screams. The girls are here then.




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