Softball is Life, until....

This movella is about a girl who is all about softball, it is her life. Until one day where she meets a member from one of the most famous boy bands on earth, One Direction. Does she fall in love? Does she focus on Softball? I don't know read to find out. (BTW it is rated y because of language)


1. Intro

***Author's Note- HELLO!! :) I love softball so i just had to do a  story about a softball player <3 :) Leggo!! lol



Hi! I'm Jordan. I'm 17 years old, I have long blonde hair with brown roots. I love softball. No really, I live for it. I also sing, dance, and play soccer. My family is an unusual family, me and my brother and sister and i live together since we moved from our home town, which was Miami. We now live in Los Angeles. My sister's name is Stevie, she has long brown hair, is 16 years old, plays soccer, and loves One Direction. My brother's name is Carson, he has short blonde hair with brown roots, like mine, he is 17 years old, plays soccer, and plays guitar. We all grew up with soccer balls and instruments in our house. I play the guitar(acustic) and sing. Carson plays guitar, and sings. And Stevie plays piano, and sings. Carson like One Direction's music because we hear it 24/7 from Stevie. I don't really pay attention to them though. I just tune out the music as it plays through out the apartment. So this is my family. I have 11 best friends that are like sisters, my softball teammates. I love them like I love Stevie and Carson. We are like one big happy family, including our coaches :). We support, care, and stand up for everyone on the team.

***Author's Note- Sorry it's so short, it's almost midnight here. I'm tired and I wrote alot today(this and my other movella). Check it out? It's called Mystery Man. Well goodnight/morning depending on where you are. BYEE love you all! ~xxHaileyxx***

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