Softball is Life, until....

This movella is about a girl who is all about softball, it is her life. Until one day where she meets a member from one of the most famous boy bands on earth, One Direction. Does she fall in love? Does she focus on Softball? I don't know read to find out. (BTW it is rated y because of language)


3. Chapter 2

***Author's Note- Hey! well guess what....Iwrote like this whole chapter, and then it deleted it all. Twice. Im so mad! but anyway....Let's get to the story i guess..... ~xxHaileyxx***


We still had three minutes until the signups were over. We were all pacing back and fourth on the sidewalks. Nikki had me breathe because I swear, I was about to pass out from all the nervousness. One minute left and we saw our coach running down the slope straight to the table. I was so nervous it was going to close before he got there I went around the corner waiting for him to go to the team. When I saw him walk up to the team he had a frown on his face, but when he reached them I ran over and he had a big smile on his lips. He held up the registration paper with our schedual. We all jumped for joy and screamed, and sighed in relief.

"I almost passed out because of you." I said laughing. Coach laughed at me and said,

"Well, it's a good thing I got here when I did." I just nodded in agreement.

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