She's Not Afraid

She's so afraid of falling in love.


3. Party

Jadyn's POV

Me and the girls are going party crashing tonight. Tonight it is Katy Perry. She lives in L.A. but she has a house here. We drove to the huge house. There were cars parked everywhere. We had to park a block away. We walking into the big backyard. People were swimming and some were hanging out. We greeted some and walked into the house. We were not nervous. We crash a big party at least once a month. "This house is big!" Amaya said as me explored. We went into the kitchen. There were people in there, but they did not seem to care we were there. I ate a chip. "Lets go somewhere else now!" Clarice said. So we did. We walked around the large house. I ran into someone who was holding a beer and it spilled all over me. "What the h-" "I'm so sorry!" A familiar Irish accent says. I looked up and my brown eyes locked with his blue eyes. "No, It's fine. I can clean it I guess." I say looking down at my dress. "Um, did you get my number?" He asks. I nod. Amay, Clare, and Ash were staring at him. They were fangirling. "Hi! Are the rest of the boys here??" Ash asks. Niall nod. "In the kitchen, I think.". They all go into the kitchen. "They're fans?" He asks. "Tell me about it! I'm a fan too but I can control myself." I say with a giggle. "So I'm not trying to be a jerk but, why are you here?" Niall asks. I don't blame him for asking. I'm not famous but I'm at a famous party. "Crashing!" I say. He chuckles. "You want a beer?" He asks. "No, I don't drink!" I say. He shakes his head. "Why not?" He asks. "It is bad for you!" I say. He shakes his head again. I stick out my tongue. 

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